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SSRA 2017 Open for Project Submissions

The Student Summer Research Committee is pleased to invite the submission of project proposals for SSRA 2017. Proposals are sought for eight-week laboratory, clinical, patient-centred or educational research projects, to be undertaken by our undergraduate students within the School, at UCD affiliated Teaching Hospitals, and at affiliated community and voluntary organisations during summer 2017. 

Supervisors who wish to submit projects should follow the two-step SSRA online submission process:
  1. Complete the online application form
  2. Send by email (1) scanned copy of ethical approval (if applicable) and (2) gantt chart (details below)

[Step 1] Online Project Submission 

Please complete this online form, taking care to address all applicable fields. 

[Step 2] Email Supplementary Information 

Each application must be accompanied by (1) scanned copy of ethical approval (if applicable) and (2) gantt chart. You can download a Sample Gantt Chart here. The gantt chart will form the basis of the first meeting with the student prior to project commencement. Following that first meeting, the student must complete a report based on the conversation. This report forms part of the students' final assessment.

Items (1) and (2) must be sent to in one single email. Please label subject line as follows: "SSRA 2017 - Supervisor Name - Project Title.


Student / Supervisor Matching 

After reviewing the projects, students fill out an application form detailing the project they would like to undertake and then meet the supervisor in question. As part of this application the student will be asked to write a 100 word summary detailing why they would like to be considered for this project.

If more than one student has applied for a project, it is up to the supervisor to select - based on GPA or interview - the student and then make his or her own selection as to their candidate of choice.