2013 Events

23rd Sept 2013 at C005, UCD Health Sciences Centre

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One Health: The Intersection between Human, Animal and Ecohealth

The One Health Initiative is a call to action for collaboration and cooperation among health science professions, academic institutions, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and industries towards improved assessment, treatment, and prevention of cross-species disease transmission and mutually prevalent, but non-transmitted, human and animal diseases and medical conditions. A changing environment populated by interconnected animal and human contact creates significant challenges. These challenges require integrated solutions and call for collaborative involvement.

Though not an emerging infectious agent, but one that has coevolved with modern humans over 40,000 years ago, Helicobacter pylori was only discovered in the 1980s. H. pylori remains the most common infectious agents known, infecting over 50% of the world population. A description of H. pylori as the causative agent of the 2nd most deadly cancer worldwide and studied in our laboratory at MIT for 30 years will be highlighted to illustrate how the One Health concept indisputably connects veterinary,human, and ecohealth.