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10th - 14th March 2014 at Vet Sciences Centre, Room 114

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Advances in Infection Biology 2014

Course Outline:

The aim of this graduate module is to provide students with an overview of current research developments in the infection biology area and how these are translating in to novel therapeutic modalities. Students will learn key concepts in Infection Biology from the “bottomup”, starting with the molecular basis of host:pathogen interaction, moving to animal models, systems biology approaches, population level studies, issues in global health, and finally to therapeutics and vaccines. The module comprises 8 sessions, morning and afternoon, running over one week at UCD.


Students will need to submit a short grant application, based on the Gates Foundation “Grand Challenges Explorations” template. The student will be expected to apply the concepts and approaches presented during the module to their own PhD/MSc research, defining a new hypothesis theywish to address, and describing background, scientific approach, basic budget, and expected outcomes. Help will be given to the students during the course as to how to approach this type of assessment. Students will also present their grant ideas as a short 10min ‘salespitch’ (to be held on Tuesday 8th April 2014). Students will pass, pass with distinction, or fail the module on the basis of the written and oral grant presentations.

Indicative Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module, students will:

  • Be able to synthesise the key concepts in the field of Infection Biology into a clear framework.
  • Hypothesise on how novel research approaches will contribute to disease surveillance, diagnosis, treatment and management.
  • Devise new approaches to their own research work based on the concepts learnt in the module
  • Be able to plan how their research experience and expertise could be applied to other areas of the Infection Biology field

To register for this course, or if you have any questions, please e-mail Stephen Gordon (stephen.gordon@ucd.ie)