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Monday 10th March 2014 at To Be Confirmed

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School Strategic Retreat

The School publishes a biennial series of Strategic Objectives & Priorities which guide the School's resource allocation.  (Last published March 2012).  These objectives are aligned with the University's strategic Plan ('Forming Global Minds').

The President has announced details of a University-wide strategic planning process which will inforn, and be informed by, the School's objectives.  This process will culminate in the University Strategic Plan for 2015 - 2020.

The School will hold an off-site Strategic Retreat on Monday 10th March 2014 to commence preparations for the next strategic planning cycle.  Attendees at the Retreat will include the Dean, Associate Dean, Section Leaders and Subject Leaders as well as other key staff members and members of the School Executive Management Committee.

All staff are invited to feedback to their views on the current School Strategic Objectives and Priorities to a participant in advance of the retreat.  We would also appreciate if you could complete this short staff survey

The output from this survey and the School Retreat will be circulated to all staff in the normal manner and will form an important part of our presentation to the UCD President who will be visiting the School on Thursday 20th March 2014 (venue to be confirmed).  All staff are cordially invited to meet with the President to hear firsthand his emerging vision for the University based on his consultations to date.

We anticipate a series of ongoing consultations with students, patient advocates, alumni and other key stakeholders as the University's strategic priorities for the period 2014 - 2020 become defined.

Individual feedback is also welcomed and appreciated.  Please contact Paul Harkin (Director of Strategic Development) at paul.harkin@ucd.ie.


The School Strategic Retreat has been re-scheduled from 28th February 14 due to limited availability of senior School staff.  In view of the School size and multiple calendar constraints it may be necessary to host this consultation across a number of days and/or via Site or Section groups.