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February 27th to March 1st 2017 at RCSI, Dublin

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INMED Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

INMED Annual Scientific Meeting 2017 (RCSI, February 27th to March 1st2017)

Collective Competence for Healthcare Practitioners: Preparing for Real World Practice 
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Submission of Abstracts now Open

INMED has issued a call for abstract submissions for its forthcoming ASM in Dublin from February 27th to March 1st 2017. The title of this year’s meeting is: Collective Competence for Healthcare Practitioners: Preparing for Real World Practice.

We welcome applications for oral presentations, poster presentations and interactive workshops as follows

  1. Oral presentations are for 10 minutes each with five minutes for questions
  2. Poster presentations will be delivered as ePosters. Posters will be thematically streamed and each poster presenter will have three minutes to communicate key ideas and two minutes for follow-up questions. Each presenter will be asked to send a PowerPoint slide or PDF of their poster in advance so that it can be projected onto a wall via PC/projector
  3. itEACH Presentations. The conference will also include a special symposium hosted by itEACH (the Irish branch of the European Association for Communication in Healthcare) and abstracts are invited for a special symposium to be hosted by itEACH. Presentations can be about communication skills teaching and or research in healthcare and will be 10 minutes in duration with 5 minutes for questions. The presentations can be ‘work in progress' ,' something we are proud of ‘ a curriculum innovation, a teaching method or an investigation study.  A prize for the best presentation will be awarded by the Medical Protection Society

All abstracts should be submitted via our online application form. Please ensure you indicate your preferred method of presentation on the submission form. 


Workshop submissions should be for 90 minutes of participant activity, and designed to maximize participant engagement and interactivity.We can arrange for your room to have the following facilities: Projector, Screen, Laptop with sound, flipchart and pens. Any other equipment you require will need to be brought with you – please inform us of anything additional you are bringing as this may affect the room we allocate to you.

All  abstracts for Interactive Workshops should be submitted here


Guide for Abstract Submission

All submissions should be submitted using the key headings listed below. The word limit for abstract submissions is 250 words maximum, and will be enforced. The abstract structure should include:

  1. Rationale. What is the purpose of the research, educational development or workshop and what problem does it address?
  2. Methods. For workshops this means what educational approaches do you intend to use
  3. Findings. What were the research outcomes; evaluative findings?
  4. Discussion/conclusion


The deadline for submission is midnight on Wednesday 4th January 2017.

INMED will announce the outcomes of the  adjudication of the abstracts on Friday 21st of January 2017. Every effort will be made to accommodate preferred methods of presentation. However if the number of applications exceeds the number of presentation slots available, it may be necessary to offer a poster presentation option to some who preferred an oral presentation.

Please note that this event is not organised by the UCD School of Medicine. Details are posted here to help publicise the event. The School does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies or changes to the event which may occur. Please liaise directly with the event organisers.