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Excellence in Education Now Online

UCD recognises the high demand in Ireland and overseas for further learning. We are committed to providing quality education and recognised qualifications using modern, flexible learning approaches. Online learning is just one of these.

UCD Online is a new University College Dublin offering based on 150 years of experience in delivering high quality academic teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It is a response to increasing student demand, as well as to rapidly evolving advances in technology. Mature course materials that are well developed and tested are now being delivered online by the same academics that provide their expertise and support to students who attend the UCD Campus.

Prospective UCD Online students can look forward to the same quality academic material and support as our campus based students. Studying online provides a flexible option for students that aim to achieve a UCD degree but are not positioned to attend campus due to location, work, family, or other constraints. Our Module to Masters option enables students to sample subject areas they are interested in with potential to work towards a UCD undergraduate or postgraduate qualification in a time frame that suits their particular lifestyle. There is no difference between a UCD qualification obtained on campus or online.