Module to Masters

UCD Online promotes Module to Masters as a flexible pathway to UCD Online courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Many UCD Online courses offer the freedom to choose when/what to study within the limits of the course. A student may sample a course by taking a single module before deciding whether to continue on to earn a qualification. By allowing students this flexibility, UCD Online opens up opportunities for those who have minimal free time in which to study, or are unsure if they want to commit to an entire course.

In addition, some courses offer multiple qualification points. This allows students studying from Module to Masters to decide whether they would like to turn their successfully completed modules into a UCD qualification.

For students who choose to study from Module to Masters a minimum (full time) and maximum duration has been specified by each course, ensuring that the UCD awarded qualification is still relevant.


Studying from Module to Masters a student may complete the Professional Diploma in Architecture in up to 5 years, while if studying full time, the course can be completed in 1 year.

Module to Masters Applications

Students wishing to study from Module to Masters should simply apply through the standard UCD Online applications process. Courses that support the flexibility of Module to Masters are those that have a ‘(flexible)’ application link. You can find a full list of online courses on our applications page.

When choosing which modules to register for during the registration period, students have control over which modules to select. Prior to making these choices it is important to check the course/module descriptors for any additional information that may impact your module selection.

Module to Masters Fees

In keeping with the flexibility of Module to Masters, UCD Online fees are paid on a per-module basis. This is enabled through a credit-based breakdown of fees, which is explained in more detail on the fees webpage.