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How UCD Online Works

UCD Online provides a flexible alternative to earning a UCD qualification without the requirement to attend daily/regular on-campus lectures and tutorials in Dublin. Any on campus course orientations are optional for students to attend and many modules have no on-campus requirement at all; enhancing the flexibility of your study options. It is important to note that end of module written exams are held in Dublin. Students study in their own time, viewing lectures and working with online content as and when they choose.

Module to Masters

Students may choose to study full time or from Module to Masters, enhancing the flexibility of their academic choices. Module to Masters means that a student may sample a course, or simply take a module out of interest, deciding at a later stage whether to continue on to earn a UCD qualification offered by that course. Regardless of their personal study choices, all students register and pay for their course on a per module basis, resulting in the same course fee regardless of the duration you take to complete the course. For more information please visit the Module to Masters information page.


Applying for a UCD Online course is the same no matter how you decide to study. Simply click Apply Now at the top of any UCD Online webpage and select the course you are interested in. If you wish to study from Module to Masters make sure you choose the flexible option for your course. The flexible option is also suited to those who aim to study full time. For further information see the application process page.

Prospective students are encouraged to browse through the course finder to discover the flexible study opportunities that UCD Online has to offer in their area of interest.



All UCD Online courses and modules are delivered through e-learning environments. An e-learning environment is a web-based forum that replaces the classroom, laboratory or lecture theatre. An e-learning environment enables UCD academics to make lecture materials and assignments available to their online students; engage and assess students through the use of interactive lessons and quizzes; monitor student progress and communicate with students through messages and forums; accept student assignments which can be uploaded to the environment; and encourage community spirit within a course or module.

Courses and Modules offered through UCD Online currently use one of two highly regarded e-learning environments, Blackboard and Moodle.

UCD Online students are expected to have a basic level of computer literacy in order to access and utilize the e-learning environments and UCD Online services effectively. Technical requirements are no different to those of campus-based students who are also required to have access to a computer with a minimum specification and internet access. Individual courses or modules will specify in their descriptors if there are any other technical requirements or competencies required of students. You will find more information on our technical requirements page.


Students attending UCD Online are supported by the same world class academics and teaching as our on campus students. These supports are accessible through online channels that are specified by each course/module director. The material and assessments are the same and in most cases enhanced for the online learning experience. More information about student supports is available at the student support page. UCD Online also places great emphasis on community and peer engagement, which is facilitated through discussion forums and other social services within the e-learning environments, adopted for each course or module. More information about UCD Online Community support can be found on the UCD Online community page.