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Academic Supports

University College Dublin prides itself in the expertise of its world class academics and graduates. These are the same people that support UCD Students throughout their studies both on campus and through UCD Online. Here we describe the structure of your academic support team.

Course Director

Every UCD Online course has a course director. They are in charge of designing the curriculum and managing the overall course. The course director (and their administrative support team) will be able to answer questions relating to the course as a whole, for example, entry requirements and qualification points. They are also the person you should get in touch with should you have any concerns about your course that are not specific to any individual module.

Module Director

Every UCD Online course is comprised of a number of modules, each of which has a module director. The module director is responsible for designing the content of the module and delivering that content to you through an e-learning environment. They decide how to deliver the content and how to assess students depending on the type of content being taught.

Personal Tutor

The work of a module director is supported Personal Tutors (PT).  PT’s are responsible for providing ongoing support to the students that are taking a module. They may do this through interactions on discussion forums, sending emails, live chats, providing feedback on assignments, or any other way as requested by the module director. You will be introduced to your personal tutors when you commence studying each module. This is typically an online introduction through the e-learning environment. This introduction will also include an outline of the support you should expect from your personal tutor.

Every module is unique in that it is delivered and supported by its own team of experts. There will always be a support team in place and the way support is offered is customized according to the needs of students given the particular area of study they are working in. UCD Online students are encouraged to make sure they know their academic support network and how to utilize it at the beginning of their studies.

Non-Academic Supports

Personal Support

UCD offers a wide-range of non-academic support services to students, some of which you may need to avail of during the course of your studies. Most of these services are located on the Belfield campus and operate during normal working hours. For a full list of services and contact details please click here. Also, for useful information on General Well-being, Financial Assistance and Academic Survival please see here.

It is worth noting that while you are invited to avail of all student support services, there are times when outside agencies will be better located or equipped to meet your needs. Please click here for a list of some of the national agencies offering support for common personal problems. Another on-line resource offering comprehensive information to Irish students regarding mental health is MyMindMatters.


Administrative Support

The administrator for each course can assist you with any queries you may have relating to the course and the application process. You can contact the administrator for each course using the information provided on our contact page.