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The Ways and Means of Transnational Private Regulation Conference

The Ways and Means of Transnational Private Regulation Conference

11-12 October


This conference will be the final event associated with the project on Transnational Private Regulation, led by Fabrizio Cafaggi (EUI), Colin Scott (UCD) and Linda Senden (Utrecht University) and funded by the Hague Institute for Internationalization of Law. The aim of the conference will be to disseminate key findings of the research and to engage with the wider scholarly community with interests in transnational private regulation and to work towards a special issue of a leading journal in the field.

The emergence of transnational private regulation has been a central theme of international governance in the past decade. Central questions in research in the field include the conditions under which transnational private regulation emerges, how such regimes develop and sustain their legitimacy, relationships of regimes to state actors, issues of effects and effectiveness of regimes, the management of enforcement and compliance, and assurances of quality. Previous special issues/symposia associated with the project have addressed some of these themes (Journal of Law and Society, 2011, European Journal of International Law, 2012).

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