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Centre for Regulation and Governance holds its first workshop

Centre for Regulation and Governance holds its first workshop

Faculty of Law, University College, Dublin, Ireland
30 September to 2 October, 2010

An international workshop, The Regulation of Competition: the Case of Asian Capitalism, was convened by UCD School of Law in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Business Group, Department of Business, Law and Taxation, Monash University, Melbourne Australia and the School of Law, Singapore National University.  This was the first international workshop of the new Centre for Regulation and Governance, based in the School of Law.  Starting with a well-attended keynote lecture by renowned sociologist, Professor Robert Jessop, University of Lancaster there were then two days of intensive interdisciplinary discussion around papers focusing on a range of issues linking competition law and policy to distinctive trends in Asian capitalism. The conference papers will ultimately be published as an edited collection (M Dowdle, J Gillespie, I Maher and C Scott as editors).

Participants were: Professor Frederic C. Deyo, Department of Sociology, SUNY, Binghamton New York; Professor Mike Dowdle, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore; Dr. Michele Ford, Department of Indonesian Studies, University of Sydney; Professor John S. Gillespie, Professor of Law and Director of the Asia-Pacific Business Regulation Group, Department of Business Law and Taxation Monash University; Dr. Niamh Hardiman, UCD School of Politics and International Relations, Professor Bob Jessop, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University; Professor David Levi-Faur, Department of Political Science, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Professor David J. Gerber, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Chicago; Professor Imelda Maher, UCD School of Law; Professor Ian McEwin, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore; Soojin Nam, Harvard Law School; Professor Tony Prosser, Faculty of Law, University of Bristol; Professor Colin Scott, UCD School of Law; Dr. Ngai-Ling Sum, Dept of Political Science and International Relations, University of Lancaster; Simon Vande Walle, Faculty of Law, Kyushu University, Japan; Professor Henry Yeung Wai Chung, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore; Professor Wentong Zheng, School of Law University of New York at Buffalo.