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Short Course in Regulatory Governance

Short Course in Regulatory Governance

Friday, September 2nd

Regulation has become a core tool of contemporary governance, and a central requirement of many business activities. Many staff working in regulatory roles in government, businesses and NGOs have detailed knowledge of how their particular regulatory regime works but would benefit from learning more broadly about the kinds of problems thrown up by regulatory governance and the range of different ways in which problems may be resolved across different sectors. This one day short course provides a general introduction to cutting edge thinking about both problems and solutions in contemporary regulatory governance, drawing on knowledge across a wide range of regulatory regimes in Ireland and beyond, and deploying a problemoriented approach to learning. It will demonstrate the art and science of effective regulation.

Who should take the short course?

The course is intended for public servants, regulatory affairs staff in businesses, professionals such as lawyers, accountants, compliance and tax specialists and staff in NGOs who are beginning to or who regularly work with regulation and who want to learn more about the bigger picture of contemporary regulatory governance.

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To register your interest please email deirdre.norris@ucd.ie.