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UCD Teaching and Learning

"Good teachers impart good education. Great teachers groom their students to become leaders. Ordinary teachers direct us along the right path, but great teachers inspire us to seek our own path. They encourage us to discover our talents." Anatole France

Teaching and Learning Awards 2018

These prestigious awards celebrate the achievements of colleagues who make an outstanding contribution to the pursuit of teaching excellence and the enhancement of student learning.  Following an initial review, some changes to the schemes were implemented for the 2018 scheme.  For more information on the 2018 awards go to Teaching and Learning Awards.  


Learning Through Research Seed Funding

The “Learning Through Research” seed funding scheme provides funding of up to €8,000 for collaborative projects to embed research in the undergraduate curriculum.  

The scheme opened on 24th October 2016.  The closing date for applications was 25th November 2016.  The results were announced on 16th January 2017.

Teaching Expert Award

UCD’s Teaching Expert Award recognises staff whose teaching practice evidences excellence in terms of expertise and impact on student learning. 


President's Teaching Award

This prestigious award recognises the abilities of those with a track record in teaching and learning including the adoption of leadership role in curriculum design, programme development and peer mentoring in Teaching & Learning.  President’s Teaching Award recipients were supported, through a grant of €5000, to complete a specific project in the area of teaching & learning in line with UCD’s Education Strategy.


College Teaching Awards

The College Teaching Awards acknowledge specific efforts and achievements in teaching and learning by the recipients, appropriate to the stage they are at in their careers.  The adjudication panel considers the level to which the teaching philosophy has been developed and to which the pedagogy underpinning this has been applied successfully.  Other key criteria are the contribution to teaching and learning at school and subject level and the extent to which feedback has been used to inform teaching practice.  The award consists of a €1000 travel bursary, funded by each college, to financially support the recipient to further develop their work by involvement with similar teaching activities nationally and internationally.



The UCD Fellowships scheme enables Fellows in Teaching and Academic Development to work on innovative projects in teaching and learning and to carry out research into areas of strategic importance for the university.


Award for Supporting Student Learning

The Award for Supporting Student Learning recognises those who have implemented an innovate service, activity or procedure which supports student learning or the provision of an effective and positive learning environment.  Winners recieve awards of €1,000 for individual applications and €2,000 for group applications to attend teaching and learning events and/or purchase materials or equipment relating to teaching development.