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T&L Symposium 2019 "Inspiring Lectures: Inspiring Learning" 14.05.19

The UCD Teaching and Learning Symposium ‘Inspiring Lectures: Inspiring Learning’ took place on Wednesday 8th May in the UCD O’Brien Centre of Science.

This was the fourth UCD Teaching and Learning annual symposium bringing together research, international expertise and generously shared experience of colleagues on a topical theme. Interest in the symposia has been growing each year and this year it booked out within a week. More than 120 faculty and staff attended.

Ronald Barnett, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education at the University College London Institute of Education was the international keynote speaker.  Ron explored  the emergence of opposing positions, the traditionalist versus the progressives, in relation to the purpose and nature of the lecture and how in his opinion it should give students a panoramic view of a topic but should “barely inform” and should be abandoned as a means of information dissemination.  Instead he advocates using the lecture to encourage, stimulate and enthuse but never to satisfy.  Ron says students should come out of the theatre thinking: “I never thought of that”.

Barry Brophy from UCD School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering teaches presentation skills and carries out cognitive research into this communications process. He shared his expertise on effective oral presentations, with a focus on delivering the lecture.   Barry talked about the importance of telling stories, interacting with the audience and grounding abstract concepts in concrete examples, highlighting that these are things that we do naturally in conversations but often don’t do in our presentations.

A panel comprised of four UCD University Teaching and Learning Awardees shared what worked for them in their teaching including learning through real-world scenarios and reflection. They also talked about how a lecturer can develop their own style by doing what they are best at and the importance of connecting with students so that they feel comfortable asking questions.

Workshops took place on:
• Active Learning in the Lecture Theatre Context
• A blended approach to learning: Where TEL and the lecture meet and
• Re-imagining the coherent relationship between lectures and group-work in modules

The presentations contain a wealth of practical tips and are available to UCD faculty and staff. You must log in to UCD Connect first. For more information on the event including speaker bios, consult the Inspiring Lectures: Inspiring Learning Symposium Programme 2019.
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