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Bloom’s (Revised) Taxonomy of Cognitive Processes
(Anderson et al 2001).

6.  Synthesis  / Creation: the ability, by linking facts together, to creatively achieve a new understanding.

5. Evaluation: the ability to make judgements using criteria and standards.

4.  Analysis: the ability to determine and understand internal relationships

3.  Application: the ability or apply what is learned to a new situation.

2.  Understanding: the ability to interpret information in one’s own words.

1.  Remembering: the ability to recall information accurately.

Anderson L W, Krathwohl D R, Airasian P W, Cruikshank K A, Mayer R E, Pintrich P R, Raths J and Wittrock M C (eds) (2001) A Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching and Assessing London, Longman.

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