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UCD Student Feedback on Modules Survey

UCD operates an all-university, anonymous, on-line student feedback system to ensure that students are given a voice in the module enhancement process, part of UCD's evidence-based quality assurance of educational offerings.

The Survey Process  document will give you an overview of how UCD's Student Feedback on Modules system works.

 Student Survey Process

Frequently Asked Questions for Staff

  1. How is the survey carried out?
    The survey is carried out using an online questionnaire which students access via SISweb.    


  2. Are all UCD modules included?
    Yes, with the exception of a small number of modules which are exempt for logistical reasons all modules are included.  See Guide to Module Feedback Survey Setup for details of the excluded modules. 


  3. How many questions are there in the survey?
    In total, no more than thirteen questions can be set per module.  There is a minimum of seven core questions which are automatically set up for all modules, however, up to a maximum of six additional questions can be added by module coordinators. 


  4. Can I write my own questions?
    Module coordinators have the opportunity to add up to six questions to the seven core survey questions.  These can be:
    • Drawn from the Optional Questions which have been pre-written
    • Written by the module coordinator using the Free Choice section
    • A combination of Optional Questions and Free Choice questions. 


  5. Where do I access the survey to set up my questions?
    You can access the survey in InfoHub.  You will only have access to modules for which you are the module coordinator.


  6. When can I set up my questions?
    Module coordinators can set up their questions around weeks eight and nine of each semester.


  7. Will I be informed when the system is open for question set-up?
    Module coordinators will receive an email communication once the system is available for question set-up.


  8. How do I set up my questions? 
    Detailed information on how to set up your questions is contained in the Guide to Module Feedback Survey Setup


  9. What happens if I don't set up any questions?
    Seven core questions will be set up for all modules.  If you do not wish to customise additional questions, there is no need to take any action during the question set-up  phase.


  10. When will the survey open and close for student responses?
    The survey normally opens for student responses in week 11 of each semester. The survey is normally open for one month.


  11. How is the survey promoted?
    In semesters one and two, emails are issued centrally to launch and promote the survey, however, local promotion and promotion by module coordinators is known to be more effective and is encouraged.


  12. Will I know what individual students have said?
    All responses are anonymous.  Feedback will not be traced back to individual students. 


  13. Can I see how many students are completing the survey for my module?
    Yes – you will see real-time updates on how many students have completed the survey for each of your modules in the Manage My Student Feedbackreport in InfoHub.


  14. Who will see responses and when will they see them?
    Feedback collected by the survey will be treated confidentially and will only be made available after results have been issued to students. Results from the first five core questions will be shared with the head of school, while qualitative student comments and results from any optional questions added will remain confidential to the module coordinator. Both heads of schools and module coordinators will see how many students have completed the survey for each module.   


  15. How will I obtain the feedback for my modules?
    Module coordinators will receive an email alert once their student feedback is available for review.  This email will contain a link to the Module Enhancement InfoHub report which can be found in InfoHub.


  16. How will responses be used?
    Module feedback should be used by module coordinators and the heads of schools to improve modules.  Responding appropriately to feedback is a key element of an academic’s professionalism (Eraut, 2004).  Knowing how many, or the extent of changes to implement is a concern, as is implementing unnecessary changes because of the need to appear responsive to student views (Arthur, 2009).   Use the teaching resource Student Feedback Responding Constructively for advice on dealing with student feedback.


  17. How do heads of schools obtain feedback for modules in their schools?
    Heads of schools can access the Module Enhancement Report in InfoHub.  This report contains a summary level and links to more detailed information on module descriptors, registration figures, student feedback and grade distribution.   


  18. Who do I contact for more information?
    Please email  for assistance.


  19. How was the survey developed?
    For more information on the pilot project which developed the survey, you can read the Student Feedback on Modules Final Report or visit the project web page.