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Programme Design and Assessment

UCD Teaching & Learning offers a range of support and services in programme design and development, for example, related workshops, new self-help guides, resources and customised supports. 

Engaging in the process of curriculum design and development is key to coherent, effective and efficient approaches to student learning. Using a six-stage process set out in the image below, this section of the website leads you through this curriculum design process. The context of the programme will have an influence on the design, there should be an ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the programme design and implementation. Students and staff may need different supports throughout the process. 

The Curriculum Design in Higher Education: From Theory to Practice guide, developed in UCD, gives an overview of the theory, practice and research of curriculum design. Programme design sections include: education philosophy, curriculum models, aims and outcomes, organization and structure, teaching, learning and assessment strategies. 

Curriculum Design Process

Printable Resources
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