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Research into Teaching - Getting Started

For many staff research into teaching and learning is a journey of discovery as the language, research methodologies and dissemination opportunities are new territory for many disciplines (Opie, 2004).

Research into Teaching has been described in many different ways, for example educational research, pedagogical research.  The term the ‘scholarship of teaching and learning’ is a term that includes this activity, but also has a wider understanding, for more on this see Boyer (1990) and Ochoa (2011).  An interesting description of ‘pedagogical scholarship’ by Weimer (2006) is that it should have an impact on instruction (teaching/learning) , it must contribute to a knowledge base, it must assist in maintaining professional standards and it must be well written and enjoyable to read.

UCD staff who are researching or planning to research into teaching and would like to connect with other UCD staff in this area, or have ideas and would like to contribute to this webpage should contact: 

Geraldine O’Neill: telephone: 01-716-8575   

If you are interested in doing research on your own teaching, with a view to sharing it, the diagram below sets out a few key questions to consider before you begin.

Decisions on the Journey

getting started research

Adapted from Michael Grove and Tina Overton (2013, p58)

Printable Resources
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