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Getting Published

When you are at a point that you consider that your study has a clear research question, has ethical approval/exemption and has meaningful data, you are at a point that you could consider a conference paper and/or a peer reviewed publication. It can be helpful to make this decision before you start to write up your article as many of the journals/conferences have different emphasises, formatting and referencing styles.

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Deciding on where to publish/present

Depending on your confidence with the strength of your research you may decide to start with a conference/journal or a web-page showcase with no impact factor. UCD Teaching and Learning ( are regularly looking for showcases of innovations in teaching and learning for sharing on their webpage. These showcases may put your work out there but have no impact factor. If however you are interested in publishing in a journal with an impact factor, see journal details below


Some conferences papers may have an impact factor, please check their websites for details on this. This is a good way to get your work out there and could be the first step in getting some confidence and feedback on your work before going for a high impact journal. Some established Irish conferences to share your teaching and learning research are, for example:


-In the UK there are also some regular teaching and learning conferences, for a list of some of the upcoming events see the UK HEA website

-For educational technology conferences, click here for collated list and see also

-To search for some other International Teaching & Learning conference see

-In addition many disciplines have their own education conferences: e.g. Engineering Education ConferenceMedical Education conferences



Four journals that have been regularly targeted by UCD staff publishing in teaching and learning research are, the UK based:

 However there is a wide range of general and discipline-specific journals. For a US list of educational journals see:

Geraldine O’Neill (UCD T&L) Susan Boyle & Carmel Norris (UCD Library) had started to collate a list of educational journals and their details for sharing with UCD staff. We have started, where known, to list UCD staff who have published in these journals, if you would like to contact them about their experience:

To view this list, click here (it will bring you to your UCD log in)

  • If you:

-have published in a journal and would like to add you name to this list, or

-would  like to amend any other details, 

             please click on this form to amend this list (it will bring you to your UCD log in)


Peer support

It is often useful if you have not published in this area before, that you ask a colleague to give you some feedback on early drafts:

    • UCD Teaching & Learning have a list of staff interested in teaching and learning research and could put you in touch with a UCD colleague, if interested contact
    • If you are interested in collaborating with UCD colleagues on the topic of research into teaching then you should go to the "Research into Teaching"  category in the UCD Teaching and Learning Community

Good luck on your publishing journey!


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