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About UCD Teaching and Learning

Aims of UCD Teaching and Learning

UCD Teaching and Learning aims to foster positive and effective student learning experiences by developing and supporting excellence in teaching and academic development through:

  • Promoting research-informed approaches to teaching, learning and assessment with proven effectiveness and efficiency
  • Supporting the ongoing enhancement of taught programmes and the quality of the student educational experience 
  • Providing a suite of professional development offerings for those who teach and/or support student learning
  • Utilising institutional data to inform quality enhancement in education
  • Contributing at university level to the development of sound educational policies
  • Empowering and rewarding outstanding teaching and educational leadership.

UCD Teaching and Learning is part of the Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, reporting to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.  Its role is to provide leadership and support within the UCD community in relation to the enhancement of teaching and learning, aligned to the University‚Äôs Education Strategy 2015-2020.  The T&L team adopts an evidence-based approach to all aspects of its work.  

The UCD Teaching and Learning team works in partnership with colleges, schools and academic administrative units, liaising closely with the Vice-Principals for T&L, School Leaders and Fellows.

UCD Teaching and Learning is based in F309 - F318 Newman Building.


UCD Teaching and Learning Work Programme for 2018-19

The work programme is designed to support the delivery of specific priority actions identified in the UCD Education Strategy 2015-2020.  The associated key strategic priorities and work principles are outlined below the high-level overview depicted in the illustration.


Key Strategic Priorities

  1. Support programme/school teams to implement assessment enhancements with a focus on:
    1. Integrated and coherent programme assessment 
    2. Variety of assessment methods, across a programme
    3. Designing effective assessment and creating space for deeper learning
    4. Technology enabled assessment and feedback
  2. Provide a suite of professional development offerings for those who teach and/or support student learning
  3. Recognise, reward and share exemplary and innovative teaching practices
  4. Support evidence-based approaches to the enhancement of teaching and learning through research and scholarship
  5. Expand and maintain networks of leaders and enthusiasts of teaching and learning to extend and shape practice across the university community.


Work Principles

  1. Alignment with UCD Education strategy
  2. Prioritisation of quality enhancement activities with the most widespread impact on student learning, with a strong emphasis on strategic projects which involve groups of staff
  3. A programmatic approach to teaching and learning enhancement
  4. A research focus - evidence-based and practically-orientated
  5. Building a strong network to support local engagement and sharing best practice
  6. Leading &/or informing activities relating to teaching & learning