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UCD Teaching and Learning aims to foster positive and effective student learning experiences by developing and supporting excellence in teaching and academic development through:

  • Promoting research-informed approaches to teaching, learning and assessment with proven effectiveness and efficiency
  • Utilising institutional data to inform quality enhancement in education
  • Contribute at university level to the development of sound educational policies
  • Supporting the design of quality learning environments, systems and services
  • Empowering and rewarding outstanding teaching and educational leadership.

UCD Teaching and Learning is part of the Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.  Its role is to provide leadership and support within the UCD community in relation to the enhancement of teaching and learning.  The T&L team adopts an evidence-based approach to all aspects of its work, which includes: design, implementation and evaluation of strategic enhancement projects; the provision of a range of learning opportunities for staff; resource development; and recognition and award schemes. For further information on the projects supported by UCD T&L, see the UCD Teaching & Learning Report 2007-2012.

The UCD Teaching and Learning team works in partnership with colleges and schools, liaising closely with the Vice-Principals for T&L, School Leaders and Fellows.


Teaching and Learning is based in F309 - F318 Newman Building.