The Advanced Optical Imaging Group was founded in 2008. The group works on optical instrumentation for life sciences, biomedical optics, visual optics, and nanophotonics. The group forms part of the NanoBio Science area at University College Dublin.



Dr Brian Vohnsen

Advanced Optical Imaging Group

School of Physics, Belfield Campus

University College Dublin

Dublin 4, Ireland


Phone (office) +353-1-716-2217

Phone (labs) +353-1-716 ext. 2089 / ext. 1779

Fax +353-1-283-7275


how to find us: (building 65) on the Belfield Park Campus




· MyFUN Innovative Training Network 1-year annual meeting in Tübingen, Germany


· The group was at Frontiers in Optics and the Fall Vision Meeting. The FiO marked 100 years of the OSA.

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Latest update: December 19th 2016