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Master of Regional & Urban Planning

2024 Details

Programme Commencing:

September 2024

Programme duration:

1 Year

Master of Regional & Urban Planning (MRUP)

This one year Masters will provide graduates from a range of backgrounds with the skills and knowledge to begin a career as a professional planner. Planners are at the forefront of creating sustainable futures for society, developing policy and practices to mitigate against climate change and creating places that combine environmental quality, with a vibrant economy, good quality of life and distributive justice.

The MRUP integrates knowledge from a range of subject areas to deepen and broaden student’s understanding of spatial, environmental, social and economic issues and relevant planning and policy responses. It provides graduates with employment opportunities in the traditional areas of public sector planning (local authorities and government agencies) and private sector planning consultancy, together with opportunities in emerging areas such as renewable energy planning, local and community development and environmental NGOs.


UCD is highly attractive to students due to the exposure to world leading
researchers and the significant career prospects.

  • UCD is ranked in the top 1% of higher education institutes worldwide.
  • Degrees with high employability with dedicated careers support.
  • Ireland’s largest and most international university.
  • Established in 1854 with 160 years of teaching and research excellence.

what will i study?

The MRUP involves lectures, seminars, lab based classes and in particular project-based learning through studio projects. A key element of our programme is the input from planning practitioners and policy makers. Each student has the opportunity to specialise in either, the area of Development and Design or, Environmental Planning and to complete a thesis in their chosen specialist area in the second semester of the second year.

Autumn and Spring Trimesters

Core Modules

  • Planning: Institutions and Governance
    (10 Credits)
  • Planning Methods, Skills and Techniques
    (10 Credits)
  • Planning, Design and Development
    (10 Credits)
  • Environment and Sustainability
    (10 Credits)
  • Planning Studio: Plan Making
    (10 Credits)

One of the following modules:

  • Healthy and Sustainable Cities
    (10 Credits)
  • Sustainable Cities
    (10 Credits)
  • Rural and Landscape Planning
    (10 Credits)
  • Placemaking and Conservation
    (10 Credits)
  • Advanced GIS
    (10 Credits)
    (Subject to student already completing an appropriate GIS module)

Summer Trimester

  • Thesis (30 Credits)
  • Internship* (30 Credits)
  • * Please note that internships are assigned on a competitive basis and the number of internships available in any given year may vary. Students who are not offered an internship will be required to undertake the Thesis module as an alternative.

    * Please note this is a new programme structure for September 2024 entrants and the modules may be subject to change.

What past graduates have to say:
John Meehan
“The MRUP is the oldest and most prestigious planning masters in Ireland with a large network of former graduates working in Ireland and abroad. I wanted to do a Masters that would give me professional skills and qualifications as well as having a strong academic focus. Being accredited by the Royal Town Planning Institute was also essential. The experience gained of working on team and individual projects to produce policy strategies, research papers and urban design was extremely valuable and helped me to adapt to my role as a consultant. Personal highlights of the MRUP were the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Vancouver and the week long European field trip as part of the international planning module. I am now a planning consultant based in London”
Jonathan Waugh
MRUP Graduate, working in CgMs Consulting, London
What past graduates have to say:
Karolina Chaber
‘Having studied planning in UCD at undergraduate level, completing the MRUP seemed like a natural progression. Studying Planning, Geography, and Environment provided me with the essential knowledge and background required to progress to further study in the field of planning. The MRUP gave me the opportunity to study with some of the leading academics in their field and gave me a solid footing in the fundamentals of planning. One of the key benefits I have taken from the MRUP is its flexibility. In an age where planners need to be more diverse, the MRUP allows graduates to pursue a multitude of career paths following its completion.

Since graduating, I have worked in different fields including heritage, policy, research and local government. For me, the accreditation of the programme by the Royal Town Planning Institute was one of its main attractions.
James White
Policy and Research Manager at UDIA Sydney New South Wales

Entry Requirements:

Applicants should have a 2.1 primary degree or equivalent (please contact the school for international GPA equivalents) in any academic field, but with a preference for fields of study related to planning. Strong 2.2 degrees may be considered.

Other courses of interest:

MSc Environmental PolicyMSc Urban Design and Planning

More Information:

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