Petition for employment of female doctor, October 1913

The records of the National University Women Graduates' Association [NUWGA] document the foundation, policies and correspondence of the Association from 1902-1982.

NUWGA was founded in 1902 and originally called the Irish Association of Women Graduates and Candidate Graduates [IAWG & CG]. Its initial mission was to improve the rights of women in and through education and broadened to include campaigning with other women’s organisations against legislative measures discriminating against women. The IAWG & CG was affiliated to the Federation of University Women, London in 1909. It was decided in 1914 to divide the association—which until then had included all university women—into three associations: Dublin University, the National University of Ireland and Queen’s University, Belfast.

The three associations joined to form the Irish Federation of University Women in 1925 which affiliated to the International Federation of University Women in the same year. The members of the Association at their meetings considered questions regarding employment for women graduates; they also held social meetings and meetings at which papers on various subjects were presented and discussed.

From the beginning, the Association was concerned with issues in regard to the employment of women graduates in Government Departments, Hospitals and Schools. Included in a file titled “Equal Opportunity: Letters and petitions”, is a petition from the Cork NUWGA Centre to the Secretary of the Medical Staff of Victoria Hospital for diseases of women and children. The petition requests “the placing of a duly-qualified medical woman on the staff of all Women’s Hospitals”. The petition further states that “it is now generally acknowledged that women, in time of sickness, should if they choose, have the privilege of being attended by a woman”.

UCDA NUWGA1/3 Papers of the National University Women Graduates’ Association. Equal Opportunity: Letters and Petitions, October 1913.

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