St Enda's School, Rathmines, Dublin

The opening of a new school is a time of great excitement for all those involved; teachers, students and parents alike. But those who found the school face the difficulties of securing backers, establishing a steady stream of  funding, employing experienced teachers and driving the success of the school. Padraig Pearse faced these same challenges when he founded Scoil Eanna or St Enda's School in Cullenswood House, Dublin in 1908.

Below is a letter accompanied by a circular outlining the objectives of St Enda's School and how these would be achieved through the Irish language and with an entirely Gaelic ethos. The letter is addressed to Professor William Magennis, the chair of metaphysics in UCD, and Pearse is requesting that Magennis become a member of the Board of Governors. Pearse believes that Magennis' involvement would ensure success for the new school and adds "I think it is a thing worth doing, and worth doing well".       

UCDA P43/1 Archives of St Enda's School.


Scoil Enda's

30th April 1910

Dear Mr Magennis,

I don’t know whether you have been following our work at St. Enda’s School, or whether you would be prepared to co-operate with me in the larger scheme outlined in the enclosed draft circular. Should you be so willing, your name and influence as a member of the board of governors would go far towards ensuring the success of the undertaking. I think it is a thing worth doing, and worth doing well.

Trusting to hear from you,

Sincerely yours,

P. H. Pearse.


Scoil Enda's

Scoil Enda's

Scoil Enda's


Professor Eoin MacNeill         Shane Leslie

Dr John P. Henry                  Seumas MacManus

Miss Mary Hayden                Jos. J. Dolan

V. Rev. Canon A. Ryan, P.P.    Mrs Stephen Gwynn

? Professor William Magennis

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