Anglo-Irish Treaty Negotiation Plenipotentiaries, 1921

To commemorate one hundred years since the end of the War of Independence in Ireland and start of the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations of 1921UCD Archives over the coming months will showcase a variety of documents from our collections which give a more detailed insight into who was part of the negotiation team, what was discussed and how they reached, what became known as, The Treaty.

The photostats below are copies of an official letter of appointment, in Irish and English, by Eamon De Valera of the five plenipotentiaries to negotiate the Treaty with the British government. The letter is dated 7 October 1921 and comes from the papers of Hugh Kennedy (UCDA P4) who attended the negotiations as Legal Adviser to the Provisional Government. The five negotiators were Arthur Griffith, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Michael Collins, Minister of Finance, Robert C. Barton, Minister for Economic Affairs, Edmund J. Duggan and George Gavan Duffy.

UCDA P4/196. Letter, in English and Irish, of appointment by Eamon de Valera, President of the Dáil, of the five plenipotentiaries to negotiate the Treaty.