A Look of Hope

To ease ourselves into the New Year, the first document of the month is a photograph of Erskine Childers and Eamonn Duggan taken from Desmond FitzGerald Photographs Collection (UCDA/P80/PH). The photo is of the two men looking out of the window of a cab in London and is dated 1921. As both men were members of the delegation who negotiated The Treaty with Lloyd George's government during that period, we may presume the photo was taken during that tense time of talks.    

Both Childers and Duggan are focused on what lies ahead of them, a hugely important and signifigant task which could bring peace to the island of Ireland and a bright future for her people. Last year has left many people bruised and battered, but we must all look ahead to 2021 with the same determination and hope as Childers and Duggan did 100 years ago. 


UCDA P80/PH/172. Press photograph by the Daily Sketch of Erskine Childers and Eamonn Duggan looking out of the window of a cab. Desmond FitzGerald Photographs. 


Two men in a cab