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Introduction To The Society:

UCD’s Juggling Society caters to those with an interest in learning and improving circus skills. Activities include juggling (balls, contact, clubs, and rings), diabolo, spinning plates, staff, hula hooping, poi, slacklining, ballooning, face painting, acrobalance and unicycling. Circus arts are a fun and mentally-stimulating way to exercise which can improve balance, coordination and dexterity. People of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to ask for advice. The society is based around skill-sharing, meaning it is extremely social. Members are very welcoming, colleges and circus communities intermingle and it’s very easy to make lasting friends from a variety of backgrounds. The circus community in Ireland is very inclusive with meets continuing into the summer months and weekend-long trips to circus conventions in Tralee, Belfast, Dublin and Galway, where you can immerse yourself in circus arts, see some of the world’s best performers as well as take part in professional workshops.

Come one, come all, introduce a little fun into your life by running away with the Circus!

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There is a Google Calendar on every page as Circus skills revolve around practice. Since the Circus Community is so intertwined, our members should feel welcome to attend any event on the Calendar. To view what is on at any particular date, left-click on the text under the date in question. If you want more information left-click on the "more details" link to open a new tab with information on when and where the event is as well as details on entry fees. If you would like to view a bigger version of the calendar simply go to the Calendar page in the drop-down menu at the top of each page.

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