UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science is investigating the development of interactive study aids and requests your help in guiding their decisions.

Please review the resources below, some of which may help your study of gastrointestinal pathology next semester.
These resources have been created to help medical students approach the study of disease in a way that is consistent and maps to the areas that are required for clinical practise and regularly come up in assessments.

They are designed to be viewed in landscape mode in modern browsers on desktops, laptops and tablets (not phones).

The material is presented in two formats: interactive (OverPath) and static (PDF).
Please consider the interactive resources, and then compare them to the static PDF.
You are not required to study the content. Please merely consider the format in which it is presented, taking 5-15 minutes per topic.
We ask you to then complete a brief 5 minute survey on your experience by following the link at the bottom of the page.

If you cannot review all 3 topics please review both the interactive and PDF versions for at least 1 topic and complete the survey anyway.


  1. Consider interactive (OverPath) resource
  2. Compare to static (PDF) material
  3. Complete survey

Colorectal Carcinoma




Coeliac Disease


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