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DIGITAL MATTERS: Research Lecture Series

The 2017/18 Research Lecture Series of the UCD School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy explores research conducted through various forms of digital media in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy.

Environmental modelling provides solutions for greener cities

Urban areas and their surrounding ecosystems are under increasing strain globally as growing populations, accelerating economic development and increasing agricultural production impact land use, transport networks and air and water quality. An EU-funded project is addressed the challenge of urban sustainability with a novel integrated modelling approach to guide decision-makers towards making cities cleaner, greener and more liveable

How can we make cities better places to live, asks new UCD research centre

A new research centre at University College Dublin (UCD) will investigate how cities can become healthier and more prosperous places for their citizens. The interdisciplinary Spatial Dynamics Lab, established by Dr Dieter F. Kogler and Dr Francesco Pilla, will provide advancements in the analysis of innovation processes, environmental impact, evolutionary patterns and structural change at a city and regional scale.

The Inchicore Model School: a 21st-century design on education

When architects Will Dimond and Marcus Donaghy set out to design an extension to The Inchicore Model School in Dublin 8, they faced a series of interesting challenges. How could they take a 19th century building and bring it into the realm of 21st-century education?

Adjunct Associate Professor Shane O’Toole named as RIBA International Fellow 2018

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) on 28 September announced a 2018 RIBA International Fellowship for Shane O’Toole.
The RIBA has throughout its history honoured men and women who have made a major contribution to the world of design and in particular architecture. The lifetime honour, conferred annually, allows recipients to use the suffix Int FRIBA.