Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering (CBE) is fundamentally about the ingenious transformation of matter and energy into products and services; and, more specifically, the design and operation of facilities needed to achieve this transformation in a technically-, economically- and environmentally-acceptable manner.

Examples of products include petrochemicals, (bio)pharmaceuticals, nano-materials; examples of services include energy supply (from carbon-based or renewable resources), clean air and CO2-sequestration.

As a Chemical and Bioprocess Engineer you will use the sciences as the basis for understanding these transformations; you will apply mathematical and engineering principles to realise them on the appropriate scale. If you seek invention, want to work at the interface between the sciences, mathematics and engineering, with a broad portfolio of career opportunities, strongly consider CBE.

For one student's perspective on UCD Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering, read Sandi Ndebele's blog on his experiences as a 2nd Year student (2015-16).

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