A broad range of scientific research is conducted by UCD CVERA on behalf of its stakeholders. Although the topics are diverse, in all cases this work is undertaken in support of national policy in animal health & welfare and public health, providing scientific information to inform policy decision-making. All scientific research assignments are carefully defined and driven by a specific research question, and the results of each project are published in international peer-reviewed journals. Most assignments are conducted in collaboration with policy colleagues. In addition, some assignments are instigated independently by UCD CVERA staff on issues of national strategic importance.

Links to peer review papers written by, or in association with, members of UCD CVERA can be accessed by the subsections listed on the right. A complete list of the papers is contained in the following PDF. Please note that papers by out Colleagues in The TB Diagnostics and Immunology Research Centre and The Badger Vaccine Project are also included.

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Recent peer review papers

Aznar, I., Frankena, K., More, S.J., O’Keeffe, J., McGrath, G., de Jong, M.C.M., 2018. Quantification of Mycobacterium bovis transmission in a badger vaccine field trial. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 149, 29-37. [DOI link]

Barrett, D., Parr, M., Fagan, J., Johnson, A., Tratalos, J., Lively, F., Diskin, M., Kenny, D., 2018. Prevalence of Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV), Bovine Herpes Virus 1 (BHV 1), Leptospirosis and Neosporosis, and associated risk factors in 161 Irish beef herds. BMC Veterinary Research 14, 8. [DOI link]

Clegg, T.A., Good, M., Hayes, M., Duignan, A., McGrath, G., More, S.J., 2018. Trends and predictors of large tuberculosis episodes in cattle herds in Ireland. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 5, 86. [DOI link]

Downs, S.H., Parry, J.E., Upton, P.A., Broughan, J.M., Goodchild, A.V., Nuñez-Garcia, J., Greiner, M., Abernethy, D.A., Cameron, A.R., Cook, A.J., de la Rua-Domenech, R., Gunn, J., Pritchard, E., Rhodes, S., Rolfe, S., Sharp, M., Vordermeier, H.M., Watson, E., Welsh, M., Whelan, A.O., Woolliams, J.A., More, S.J., Clifton-Hadley, R.S., 2018. Methodology and preliminary results of a systematic literature review of ante-mortem and post-mortem diagnostic tests for bovine tuberculosis. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 153, 117-126. [DOI link]

Downs, S.H., More, S.J., Goodchild, A.V., Whelan, A.O., Abernethy, D.A., Broughan, J.M., Cameron, A., Cook, A.J., de la Rua-Domenech, R., Greiner, M., Gunn, J., Nuñez-Garcia, J., Rhodes, S., Rolfe, S., Sharp, M., Upton, P., Watson, E., Welsh, M., Woolliams, J.A., Clifton-Hadley, R.S., Parry, J.E., 2018. Evaluation of the methodological quality of studies of the performance of diagnostic tests for bovine tuberculosis using QUADAS. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 153, 108-116. [DOI link]

Doyle, R., Clegg, T.A., McGrath, G., Tratalos, J., Barrett, D., Lee, A., More, S.J., 2018. The bovine tuberculosis cluster in north County Sligo during 2014-16. Irish Veterinary Journal (in press). [Link]

** Flynn, O., Gallagher, C., Mooney, J., Irvine, C., Ducatez, M., Hause, B., McGrath, G., Ryan, E., 2018. Influenza D Virus in cattle, Ireland. Emerging Infectious Diseases 24, 389-391. [DOI link]

Good, M., Bakker, D., Duignan, A., Collins, D.M., 2018. The history of in vivo tuberculin testing in bovines: tuberculosis a “One Health” issue. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 5, 59. [DOI link]

* Gormley, E., Corner, L.A.L., 2018. Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium bovis infection: the badger model as a paradigm for understanding tuberculosis in animals. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 4, 247. [DOI link]

Houtsma, E., Clegg, T.A., Good, M., More, S.J., 2018. Further improvement in the control of bovine tuberculosis recurrence in Ireland. Veterinary Record (in press). [DOI link]

* Jenkins, A.O., Gormley, E., Gcebe, N., Fosgate, G.T., Conan, A., Aagaard, C., Michel, A.L., Rutten, V.P.M.G., 2018. Cross reactive immune responses in cattle arising from exposure to Mycobacterium bovis and non-tuberculous mycobacteria. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 152, 16-22. [DOI link]

* Malone, K.M., Rue-Albrecht, K., Magee, D.A., Conlon, K., Schubert, O.T., Nalpas, N.C., Browne, J.A., Smyth, A., Gormley, E., Aebersold, R., MacHugh, D.E., Gordon, S.V., 2018. Comparative 'omics analyses differentiate Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis and reveal distinct macrophage responses to infection with the human and bovine tubercle bacilli. Microbial Genomics 2018, 4. [DOI link]

McGrath, G., More, S.J., O’Neill, R., 2018. Hypothetical route of the introduction of Schmallenberg virus into Ireland using two complementary analyses. Veterinary Record 182, 226. [DOI link]

McGrath, G., Tratalos, T.A., More, S.J., 2018. A visual representation of cattle movement in Ireland during 2016. Irish Veterinary Journal 71, 18. [DOI link]

Meyer, A., McAloon, C.C., Tratalos, J., More, S.J., Citer, L.R., Graham, D.A., Sergeant, E.S.G., 2018. Modelling of alternative testing strategies to demonstrate freedom from Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection in test-negative dairy herds in the Republic of Ireland. Journal of Dairy Science (in press). [Link]

Mooney, J., Lynch, M.R., Prescott, C.V., Clegg, T., Loughlin, M., Hannon, B., Moore, C., Faulkner, R., 2018. VKORC1 sequence variants associated with resistance to anticoagulant rodenticides in Irish populations of Rattus norvegicus and Mus musculus domesticus. Scientific Reports 8, 4535. [DOI link]

More, S.J., Houtsma, E., Doyle, L., McGrath, G., Clegg, T.A., de la Rua-Domenech, R., Duignan, A., Blissit, M.J., Dunlop, M., Schroeder, P., Pike, R., Upton, P., 2018. Further evaluation of bovine tuberculosis trends in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, 2003-15. Veterinary Record (in press). [Link]

Murray, G.M., More, S.J., Clegg, T.A., Earley, B., O’Neill, R.G., Johnston, D., Gilmore, J., Nosov, M., McElroy, M.C., Inzana, T.J., Cassidy, J.P., 2018. Risk factors associated with exposure to bovine respiratory disease pathogens during the peri-weaning period in dairy bull calves. BMC Veterinary Research 14, 53. [DOI link]

Naranjo-Lucena, A., Munita Corbalán, M.P., Martínez-Ibeas, A.M., McGrath, G., Murray, G., Casey, M., Good, B., Sayers, R., Mulcahy, G., Zintl, A., 2018. Spatial patterns of Fasciola hepatica and Calicophoron daubneyi infections in ruminants in Ireland and modelling of C. daubneyi infection. Parasites & Vectors 11, 531. [DOI link]

Naranjo Lucena, A., Munita Corbalán, M.P., Martínez-Ibeas, A.M., McGrath, G., Sayers, R., Mulcahy, G., Zintl, A., 2018. Validation of a spatial liver fluke model under field conditions in Ireland. Geospatial Health 13, 641. [DOI link]

Nuñez-Garcia, J., Downs, S.H., Parry, J.E., Abernethy, D.A., Broughan, J.M., Cameron, A.R., Cook, A.J., de la Rua-Domenech, R., Goodchild, A.V., Gunn, J., More, S.J., Rhodes, S., Rolfe, S., Sharp, M., Upton, P.A., Vordermeier, H.M., Watson, E., Welsh, M., Whelan, A.O., Woolliams, J.A., Clifton-Hadley, R.S., Greiner, M., 2018. Meta-analyses of the sensitivity and specificity of ante-mortem and post-mortem diagnostic tests for bovine tuberculosis in the UK and Ireland. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 153, 94-107. [DOI link]

O’Connor, J.T., Byrne, J.P., More, S.J., Blake, M., McGrath, G., Tratalos, J.A., McElroy, M.C., Kiernan, P., Canty, M.J., O’Brien-Lynch, C., Griffin, J.M., 2018. Using an epidemiological framework and bovine spongiform encephalopathy investigation questionnaire to investigate suspect bovine spongiform encephalopathy cases: an example from a bovine spongiform encephalopathy case in Ireland in 2015. Veterinary Record 182, 168. [DOI link]

Reardon, F., Graham, D., Clegg, T.A., Tratalos, J.A., O’Sullivan, P., More, S.J., 2018. Potential infection-control benefit of measures to mitigate the risk posed by Trojan dams in the Irish BVD eradication programme. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 157, 78-85. [DOI link]

Reardon, F., Graham, D.A., Clegg, T.A., Tratalos, J.A., O’Sullivan, P., More, S.J., 2018. Quantifying the role of Trojan dams in the between-herd spread of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDv) in Ireland. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 152, 65-73. [DOI link]

** Ryan, E.D., Wrigley, K., Hallinan, A., McGrath, G., Clegg, T.A., 2018. Antibodies to Coxiella burnetii in Irish bulk tank milk samples. Veterinary Record 182, 550. [DOI link]

* Schoening, J.M., Corner, L.A.L., Messam, L.L.M., Cassidy, J.P., Wolfe, A., 2018. Environmental dust inhalation in the European badger (Meles meles): Systemic distribution of silica-laden macrophages, pathological changes, and association with Mycobacterium bovis infection status. PLoS One 13, e0190230. [DOI link]

Thulke, H.-H., Lange, M., Tratalos, J.A., Clegg, T.A., McGrath, G., O'Grady, L., O'Sullivan, P., Doherty, M.L., Graham, D.A., More, S.J., 2018. Eradicating BVD, reviewing Irish programme data and model predictions to support prospective decision making. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 150, 151-161. [DOI link]

Tratalos, J.A., Barrett, D.J., Clegg, T.A., O'Neill, R.G., McGrath, G., Lane, E.A., More, S.J., 2018.Sampling methodology to maximise the efficient use of national abattoir surveillance: using archived sera to substantiate freedom from bluetongue virus infection in Ireland. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 5, 261. [DOI link]

Tratalos, J.A., Thulke, H.-H., Graham, D.A., Gonzalo, M.G., More, S.J., 2018. Decision support beyond total savings - Eligibility and potential savings for individual participants from changes in the national surveillance strategy for bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) in Ireland. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 155, 38-44. [DOI link]

* Whiteoak, A.M., Ideozu, J., Alkathiry, H., Tomlinson, A.J., Delahay, R.J., Cowen, S., Mullineaux, E., Gormley, E., Birtles, R.J., Lun, Z.R., Hide, G., 2018. Investigation into the genetic diversity in toll-like receptors 2 and 4 in the European badger Meles meles. Research in Veterinary Science 119, 228-231. [DOI link]

Willeberg, P.W., McAloon, C.G., Houtsma, E., Higgins, I., Clegg, T.A., More, S.J., 2018. The herd-level sensitivity of abattoir surveillance for bovine tuberculosis: simulating the effects of current and potentially modified meat inspection procedures in Irish cattle. Frontiers in Veterinary Science 5, 82. [DOI link]

Yatabe, T., More, S.J., Geoghegan, F., McManus, C., Hill, A.E., Martínez-López, B., 2018. Can biosecurity and local network properties predict pathogen species richness in the salmonid industry? PloS One 13, e0191680. [DOI link]

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