UCD Earth Institute

    Better understand today's world.
    Inform solutions for tomorrow.

About us

Research for a better world

Who we are

The UCD Earth Institute provides research-driven solutions to the most pressing global environmental challenges – current and future - facing society.

The Institute currently comprises over 80 principal investigators and their teams with multidisciplinary expertise, collaborating to identify solutions to challenges such as:

  • Climate Change & Natural Hazards
  • Finite Natural Resources
  • Sustainable Built Environment

Work on these challenges is underpinned by expertise in a number of key disciplines such as: Water, Climate,  Energy & Resources, Built Environment, Ecology and Evolution, Natural Hazards & Risk, Environmental Policy & Behaviour and Crops for the future.

What we do

Research is facilitated and supported by the latest laboratory and field equipment, new purpose-built laboratories in the UCD Earth Institute facilities on campus and a team of research support staff.

Members of the Institute are engaged with stakeholders and partners in all levels of society; public, industry, local and national government, national agencies and the education sector. The Institute's outputs can be seen in:

  • Research: Scientific Excellence
  • Innovation: Translating Research for the benefit of society
  • Impact: Science Informing Policy AND Science informing public awareness and behaviour

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