MSc Qualifier in Economics

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The MSc qualifier is designed for graduates who wish to bring their economics to a level where they are prepared for our MSc programmes.  The MSc qualifier is not a diploma per se. It is only a first step to be potentially eligible for our Masters programmes. The minimum entry requirement for our Masters for students on the programme is an overall GPA of 3.08 in the MSc Qualifier programme.

The program comprises 26 weeks of taught coursework (30 ECTS credits).

Core Modules

The following five core modules are required (total 25 credits).

ECON 20010 Intermediate Microeconomics 1

ECON 20020 Intermediate Macroeconomics

ECON 20180 Intermediate Microeconomics 2

ECON 30120 Advanced Macroeconomics 

ECON 30130 Applied Econometrics I

For those students that have studied economics at UCD students, please note that having taken some of these core modules as part of your undergraduate degree will not exempt you from taking them again as part of the MSc qualifier.

Option Modules

Students must also take one option offered by the School (total 5 credits). This must be a Level 3 option.