Economics in the BSc in Social Science 

Economics can combined with other subjects as part of UCD’s four-year BSc in Social Science degree (CAO code: DN700).  There are a number of different ways to study Economics as part of this degree.

  • You can combine Economics with another Social Science subject in a joint honours degree, with popular combinations including Politics, Geography, Sociology and Mathematics. See here for details on studying Economics as part of a joint major.  Economics can also be taken as either the major or minor subject in a major\minor combination degree with another Social Science subject.
  • You can study Economics as the major subject in a major/minor degree with either History, German, Chinese or Irish.
  •  You can study Economics as part of one of three pathway degrees
    • Philosophy, Politics and Economics: See here for details.
    • Economics, Mathematics and Statistics: See here for details.
    • Computational Social Science. See here for details.

Students on the BSc in Social Science will have the opportunity to apply for an internship or to study abroad for a semester or a year as part of the programme.

The School of Economics held an open evening on January 16th, 2018.  See here for the presentation. 

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