‌The full list of School of Education publications for 2017-18 can be found in the UCD President's Report, which is available here.  Some of our most recent publications are featured below:



Judith Harford (2018) (Ed.): Education for All? The Legacy of Free Post-Primary Education. Oxford: Peter Lang


O'Donoghue, Tom, Harford, Judith & O'Doherty, Teresa (2017) Teacher Preparation in Ireland: History, Policy and Future Directions.

Fuller, K. and Harford, J. ed., (2016) Gender and leadership in education: Women achieving against the odds. Peter Lang.

Judith Harford_Gender

R‌aftery, D. and Smyth, E. ed., (2016) Education, identity and women religious: Convents, classrooms and colleges, 1800-1950. Routledge.

Book Cover

O'Donoghue, T. and Harford, J. (2016) Secondary school education in Ireland: History, memories and life stories, 1922-1967. Palgrave Macmillan.

Secondary School Education|Book Cover



Professor Judith Harford
Judith Harford (2018) ‘Origins, Legacy and Impact: Reflections on the Free Education Scheme in Ireland’ in Judith Harford (ed.) Education for All? The Legacy of Free Post-Primary Education. Oxford: Peter Lang.  
Judith Harford and Brian Fleming (2018) ‘Agency and Advocacy: The Key Actors behind the “Free Education” Initiative’ in Judith Harford (ed.) Education for All? The Legacy of Free Post-Primary Education. Oxford: Peter Lang  
Harford, Judith and O' Donoghue, Tom (2017) 'Exploring the experience of secondary school education in Ireland prior to the introduction of ¿free¿ second-level education in 1967: The potential of the life story narrative approach' In: James Kelly and Susan Hegarty (eds). History of Education: Lectures in Memory of Seamus Heaney. Dublin: Four Courts Press.  
Harford, Judith (2017) 'Reflecting on Fifty Years since the Advent of the 'Free Education Scheme'' In: Mooney, B (eds). Education Matters Yearbook 2017-18. Dublin: Education Matters.  
Harford, Judith and Gray, Peter (2017) 'Emerging as a teacher: Student teachers reflect on their professional identity' In: Hudson, B (eds). Overcoming Fragmentation in Teacher Education. UK: Cambridge.  
Dr Áine Mahon
Áine Mahon (2017) 'Wittgenstein, Education and Contemporary American Philosophy' In: Michael A. Peters and Jeff Stickney (eds). A Companion to Wittgenstein on Education: Pedagogical Investigations. New York: Springer.  
Assoc Professor Deirdre Raftery
Deirdre Raftery (2017) 'Teaching Sisters and Transnational Networks' In: Deirdre Raftery and Marie Clarke (eds). Transnationalism, Gender and the History of Education. UK and USA: Routledge.  
Professor Ciaran Sugrue
Sugrue, Ciaran (2017) 'There Is an-(No)-Other Way: Surfacing the Hidden Injuries of ¿Austerity¿ ¿ Resistance, Resilience and Professional Responsibility: The Irish Case' In: Rudd, Tim, and Goodson, Ivor, F (eds). Negotiating Neoliberalism Developing Alternative Educational Visions. Rotterdam & Boston: Sense. , pp.167-182  
Dr Jennifer Symonds
Symonds, J. E.; Hargreaves, J. J.; Long, M. (2017) 'Music in identity in adolescence across school transition' In: Raymond Macdonald, David J Hargreaves & Dorothy Miell (eds).Handbook of musical identities. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. , pp.510-528



Dr Shane Bergin
Auren Ferguson, Andrew Harvey, Ian J Godwin, Shane D Bergin and Jonathan N Coleman (2016) 'The dependence of the measured surface energy of graphene on nanosheet size'.Advanced Materials .  
A Ferguson, A Harvey, IJ Godwin, SD Bergin, JN Coleman (2016) 'The dependence of the measured surface energy of graphene on nanosheet size'. Advanced Functional Materials .
Assoc Professor Roisin Corcoran
Corcoran, R.P. and O'Flaherty, J. (2017) 'Executive function during teacher preparation'.Teaching and Teacher Education, 63 :168-175.  Link  
Corcoran, R.P. (2017) 'Preparing Principals to Improve Student Achievement'. Child and Youth Care Forum, :1-13. Link  
*Kim, E.; Corcoran, R.P. (2017) 'How engaged are pre-service teachers in the United States?'. Teaching and Teacher Education, 66 :12-23. Link  
Corcoran, R.P. (2017) 'Mathematics achievement among high-need students: A multilevel model with propensity score matching'. Journal of Children's Services .  
Corcoran, R.P., & O'Flaherty, J. (2017) 'Longitudinal tracking of academic progress during teacher preparation'. British Journal of Educational Psychology. Link  
Corcoran, R. P. (2017) 'Preparing teachers' to raise students' mathematics learning'.International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education . Link  
Professor Dympna Devine
Bryne, R and Devine, D (2017) 'Theorising Catholic Education through the lens of Bernstein and Bourdieu'. International Studies in Catholic Education, Vol 9 (1).  
Devine, D. (2016) ''Absentisme local enfront la mobilitat internacional'' (Mobility among migrant children in schools'. GUIX: ELEMENTS D'ACCIÓ EDUCATIVA, 430 :25-31.  
Dr Declan Fahie
Fahie, D (2017) 'Faith of Our Fathers - lesbian, gay and bisexual teachers' attitudes towards the teaching of religion in Irish denominational primary schools'. Irish Educational Studies, 36 (1).  
Professor Judith Harford
Herron, Don and Harford, Judith (2016) 'The Changing Landscape of State Policy Making, Public Service and Teacher Education in Ireland, 1950¿1980'. Education Research and Perspectives, 42 (1).  
Ms Luciana Lolich
Lolich Luciana & Lynch Kathleen (2017) 'Aligning the market and affective self: Care and student resistance to entrepreneurial subjectivities'. Gender and Education, 29 (1):115-131.  
Dr Áine Mahon
Áine Mahon and Elizabeth O'Brien (2017) 'Risky Subjectivities in Philip Pullman's Northern Lights'. Studies in Philosophy and Education .  
Áine Mahon (2017) 'Derrida and the School: Language Loss and Language Learning in Ireland'. Ethics and Education, 12 (2).  
Áine Mahon (2017) 'Moral Education and Literature: On Cora Diamond and Eimear McBride'. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 51 (1).  
Áine Mahon and Fergal McHugh (2016) 'Lateness and the Inhospitable in Stanley Cavell and Don DeLillo'. Philosophy and Literature, 40 (2).  
Assoc Professor Deirdre Raftery
Deirdre Raftery (2017) 'The next 'wave' is digital: researching women religious in the twenty-first century'. American Catholic Studies, 128 (2).  
Dr Seaneen Sloan
Sloan, S; Gildea, A; Miller, S; Poulton, L; Egar, C; Thurston, A (2017) 'Evaluation of Zippy's Friends for improving socio-emotional and academic outcomes in six to seven year olds: Protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial and process evaluation'.International Journal of Educational Research .  
Professor Ciaran Sugrue
Sugrue, C., and Mertkan, S. (2017) 'Professional Responsibility, Accountability and Performativity among Teachers: The Leavening Influence of CPD?'. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 23 (2):171-190.  
Sugrue. C., Englund, T., Solbrekke, T. D., & Fossland, T. (2017) 'Trends in the practices of academic developers: trajectories of higher education?'. Studies in Higher Education .  
Gleeson, Jim, Sugrue, Ciaran & O'Flaherty, Joanne (2017) 'Research capacity and initial teacher education reform: Irish experiences, international perspectives'. Teaching and Teacher Education, 62 :19-29.  
Dr Jennifer Symonds
Symonds, J; O'Sullian, C (2017) 'Context and Implications Document for: Educating Young Adults to be Work-Ready in Ireland and the United Kingdom: A Review of Programmes and Outcomes'. Review of Education, Early View .  
Symonds, J. E.; O'Sullivan, C. (2017) 'Educating young adults to be work ready in Ireland and the United Kingdom: A review of programmes and outcomes'. Review of Education .