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Maintaining the balance of power - through engineering

“We need to balance environmental sustainability, the economics of keeping the power affordable for citizens and business and ensuring that the supply is robust.”

Engineering a smarter treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects parts of the brain that control the movement of muscles, and can result in the person having ‘shakes’ or tremors and experience difficulty walking and speaking. One treatment for these symptoms is Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), which implants an electrode into the brain to calm muscle tremors and other motor symptoms.

Smart science to power the Internet of Things

In the second of a series of Case Studies about Researchers in the UCD College of Engineering & Architecture we meet Professor R. Bogdan Staszewski from the UCD School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

The Annual Teaching Awards BBQ

On 15 June the annual Teaching Awards BBQ took place outside Belfield House where awards were given to the best teaching assistants and lecturers in both schools for semester 2 2016/17

Mike Keaveney of Analog Devices Ireland presents three scholarship awards.

On March 9th Mike Keaveney of Analog Devices Ireland and an Engineering Director & Analog Devices Fellow, gave a talk entitled “Electronic Engineering – The Key to an Exciting Career” as arranged by UCD's Electronic and Electrical Engineering Society. Mike was accompanied by Rachel King of the HR department at ADI.