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Eight UCD Schools win Athena SWAN awards for gender equality commitment

Eights Schools at University College Dublin have won Athena SWAN Bronze awards for their commitment to gender equality.
Recognised for their efforts on gender equality, the UCD School of Medicine, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science, and UCD College of Engineering and Architecture, made up of six Schools, received the honour.

CIGRE Young Member Showcase

The Young Member showcase is a major event in the NGN’s calendar and it is the largest CIGRE Ireland event dedicated to young members. It gives young members a chance to present their work in front of industry experts and to win a sponsored trip to next year’s Paris session!

Highly Linear Mixer-First Receivers and N-path Filters

In order to cover the ever increasing number of low-GHz radio frequency bands, highly reconfigurable CMOS radio receivers are wanted. As traditional SAW-filters limit reconfigurability and increase cost, research attempts are being made to enable SAW-less receivers.

UCD Researcher Awarded ERC Proof-of-Concept Funding for Parkinson’s Disease Project

Dublin, Ireland, 25 July 2019, A University College Dublin (UCD) researcher, Professor Madeleine Lowery, is among 62 European Research Council (ERC) grant holders who have today been awarded an ERC Proof-of-Concept or ‘top-up’ grant of €150,000 to explore the commercial or societal potential of their ERC-funded frontier research results.

Optimising the Last Mile of 5G Wireless Networks

Fifth-generation wireless networks, commonly known as 5G, seek to send data rapidly and reliably. To achieve this, a critical issue that needs to be resolved is the ‘last hop’ between users’ devices and the serving base stations. Specifically the connections in the last hop of a wireless network can suffer from severe interference, and it is expensive and inefficient to overcome that by allocating dedicated time slots or frequency bands to each device.

Centenary Celebration - Civil, Electrical & Electronic and Mechanical and Materials Engineering

UCD College of Engineering and Architecture are delighted to announce the centenary celebration of the UCD Schools of Civil, Electrical and Electronic and Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Since 1919, over 7,500 engineering gradautes from these three Schools have gone on to play leading roles in industry, business, academia and society.

UCD student awarded prestigious Naughton Research Experience for Undergraduates Fellowship

A UCD engineering student has been announced as this year’s recipient of the prestigious Naughton Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Fellowship, which is offered by the Naughton Foundation based at the University of Notre Dame in the USA.

A Boost for Wireless and Energy-Harvesting Technologies

One of the driving trends of the 21st century is technology’s ability to connect. Dr Elena Blokhina at UCD School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering is working on fundamental approaches to enabling even more efficient connection into the future.

She is developing new architecture for signal generation to facilitate 5G, the latest standard in wireless infrastructure, and she is designing energy-harvesting technology to enable small devices such as sensors to use nearby movement as a power source. The impact will be a more connected and sustainable web of devices.