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The Document Library contains the official version of Statutes, Regulations, Policies and other key documents applicable to the University. 

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The Universities Act, 1997 is the legal basis of the Irish university system. It sets out the objects and functions of the University, the structure and role of the Governing Authority, staffing arrangements, composition and role of the Academic Council and sections relating to property, finance and reporting.

UCD’s Statutes are formal documents approved by the University’s Governing Authority to regulate the affairs of UCD. A statute must be consistent with the Universities Act, 1997.

Academic Regulations are a set of high level, overarching rules governing the University’s educational offerings. Academic Regulations are approved by the Academic Council. All students are governed by Academic Regulations in place in the academic session they register.

The Student Code establishes types of behaviour that constitute breaches of the University's disciplinary regulations and provides details of the student disciplinary process. Any alleged breach of the UCD Student Code may be treated as a disciplinary matter under the University's Student Disciplinary Procedures. 

A University Policy is a written statement of a committee decision or management directive which sets out the official position of the University on any aspect of the institutions' activities. Policy mandates key principles and provisions to enable decision making, and is usually accompanied by a procedure explaining how it is implemented.