College of Business Research Modules

Students at the College of Business are required to gain a minimum of 30 credits from attending taught modules which are chosen in consultation with his/her supervisor and his/her Doctoral Studies Panel (which is a panel of two to four doctoral studies advisers that supports and advises the student and the supervisor(s) throughout the doctoral programme). 

There are three module sets:

Set 1 includes modules in research methods, which provide training in methodological issues and philosophy of the social sciences

Set 2 includes Academic/Subject-specific which serve to broaden and deepen knowledge of ones discipline, informing the development of the theoretical framework for doctoral research.

Set 3 includes Transferable skills modules, sometimes referred to as generic or soft skills, provide training in the types of skills necessary for professional development.  These skills should enable PhD students to complete their doctoral research on time and enhance their professional attractiveness for potential employers.

PhD students, in consultation with their Supervisor and Doctoral Studies Panel can choose any module across the Business School and /or university which will be useful in advancing their research capability and enhancing important transferable skills  Students may review details of the above and all relevant modules (under modules 17/18) on

To register for set 1 and 2 modules, students are asked, after agreement with the Module Co-ordinator(s) and their Supervisor, to complete and have signed the module registration form. This form should be returned to the Centre for Doctoral Research, Smurfit School for processing.

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BMGT50040 - Research Measurement & Design UTL40100 - Preparing to Teach* GSBL50050 - Approaches & Techniques in Qualitative Research Methods** GSHS50080 - Social Sciences Methodology & Research Philosophy

*Manditory for teaching in UCD Business Schools.

**GSBL50050 will run every other year, and is next scheduled for SII 2018/19.