Services for UCD Academics

University College Dublin has identified a growing demand from its academic and professional staff for support in providing consultancy services to clients.

ConsultUCD's goal is to make the process of consultancy as easy as possible for our academics and to enable them to spend more time with their clients and less time on administration.

 To support this goal ConsultUCD will:  

  • Help you identify consulting opportunities: We can help you identify consulting opportunities in your existing relationships and we can be a channel through which you find additional consulting opportunities.
  • Negotiate attractive commercial terms and conditions for your activities: By allowing us to negotiate contracts on your behalf you can be sure that you are rewarded with a fair market rate for your expertise and services.  
  • Provide access to UCD insurance: Using ConsultUCD provides you with automatic access to the public liability and professional indemnity policies of the University. This saves you the expense and administration of having to put in place your own insurance.
  • Save you time by reducing the administration associated with consultancy: We will provide support at all stages of your consultancy project. We will invoice your clients according to the schedule of payment agreed during the contract negotiations, we will follow up to ensure timely payment of invoices and we will disburse the funds as you direct.
  • Distribute payments received: Using ConsultUCD gives you the option of receiving payment through payroll or directing the funds to your School.
  • Record and consolidate your consulting activity: Consulting is a recognised activity on the Development Framework and can be an opportunity to enhance your career. We can provide you with a consolidated record of your consulting projects and client feedback.
  • Provide consulting supports including tools, advice, workshops and training sessions: ConsultUCD will support academics who wish to take on consultancy work for the first time or experienced consultants who want to further develop their consulting skills. Please contact us for more information and upcoming events.

Next steps?
If you are interested in finding out more or would like to become a consultant please contact

Elizabeth Nolan, Head of Consultancy Services

t: + 353 (1) 716 3714