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Welcome to the Joint Irish Nutrigenomics Organisation!

The JINGO Project is an Irish Government-funded initiative which has been running since 2007. By combining dietary, physical activity, body measurement and lifestyle data with cutting-edge nutrigenomics technology information, a National Nutritional Phenotype Database of 7,000 people has been created!

Take a look at the projects involved, the people behind the scenes, and how you may participate in this world-leading piece of research.

National Adult Nutrition Survey (NANS)
Led by University College Cork (1,500 adults 18+ yrs)

Trinity-Ulster Department of Agriculture Project (TUDA)
Trinity College Dublin and University of Ulster (5,200 adults 60+ yrs)

Metabolic challenge study (MECHE)
Led by University College Dublin (214 adults 18 - 60 yrs)


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JINGO Symposium 2013:
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