Lots of information on exams, exam timetables, arrangements, regulations and tips on how to prepare for your exams in UCD.

Registration 2016/17

All you need to know about online registration with lots of guides to help you through the registration process.

Course Search

This is a great place to find information on UCD programmes and modules.

Key Dates

Registration, exam and fee dates for your diary.


Information on Programme fees and fee payments.

Student Desk

If you have a question, and you’re not sure where to start, just call in to see us.

Student Services

Everything you need to know about student services in UCD.

Student Help

Things not going right and you need someone to talk to? You’ll find information on a range of issues here.

New Students

New to UCD? You’ll find information on orientation timetables, checklists and how to get to UCD here.