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Just in Time, Blended Learning
Just in Time Blended Learning

Module Title:

Technology for Business

Module Coordinator:

Business eLearning

Module Code:


Target Audience:

Approximately 600 first year undergraduate students in the UCD Lochlann Quinn School of Business


Elanor McDonald, Audrey Dempsey, Niall McDermott
Just in Time Blended Learning

Business eLearning for the past number of years have provided technology training on the last day of orientation to all first year students in the school.  Training was provided to 600+ students, in hourly slots.

It became evident from student feedback that the information was not being taken on board in the very short delivery time. Consideration was given to how this student experience could be improved.  Conversations with the students made it clear that the training was important but needed to be more effective.  The message needed to be conveyed to students in the most accessible way at the most appropriate times for them.

Just in Time Blended Learning

Maximizing the student experience and making sure that students make the transition to university life, and in particular, life in the School of Business was a goal. The aim of the revised technology training was to provide the right information to the students, at the right times, in the most accessible way possible.

Just in Time Blended Learning
The Innovative Approach:

To begin with, three stages were identified for the content:

  • Certain information students needed to access before they arrived/accepted their degree places
  • Further information, they would need on arrival in the traditional orientation time period
  • And lastly, from consulting with academic staff and gaining an understanding of their module structures, it was apparent that there would be times in the first few weeks of the semester where the training would be really relevant to the students.

Interactive online content, which focused on the core topics that students would need prior to commencing their programmes, was developed.

Part of this approach, "UCD Technology Prerequisites" includes a series of video tutorials.

This content was housed on Coursesites, which is Blackboard’s open learning platform.   In additional, it was vital to ensure that the students received direct, targeted information that would be relevant and useful for them once they arrived in the UCD School of Business.

Taking the course content scheduling into account, tutored sessions were provided to all first year students in the first three weeks of term.

Just in Time Blended Learning

The experience taught us a lot.  Our small team was responsibile for the design, development, scheduling and delivery.  The significant development work involved in the project paid off because the students really liked it. The attendance rates were about 90% from the first session. This tended not to drop, despite the semester progressing.   Student feedback was requested during the last of the tutored sessions.   The responses were very positive.

Sample responses:
“I felt the course was really helpful and useful, especially for people like me who struggle with technology”

“On the whole I felt it was very informative and well structured”

“It is good timing and very helpful”

“Everything was clearly explained”