UCD School of Physics 

Ultrafast and NanoOptics Research Group


Current research activities include Plasmonics, Carbon NanoTubes development, advanced nanoimaging, and NanoOptics. Find out more on our research page.


Welcome to the Plasmonics and Ultrafast NanoOptics group homepage. Information about the groups research activities, past and present group members, current and perspective research projects, and contacts details can be found here.

The group was formed by Dr Zerulla shortly after his arrival at UCD in October 2004. The formation this group and the Chemical Biophysics group marked the beginning of a new research direction within the UCD School of Physics - NanoBio. In the last number of years, the NanoBio division has grown to 12 staff members, including 8 active research groups. Furthermore, the development of the biophysics and nanophysics in UCD has been furthered by the inclusion of dedicated Biophysics & BioNano undergraduate and graduate courses.