Guidelines on Submission and Late Submission of Assessments

(Updated September 2019)

Word Count

Where a word count has been specified in the assignment’s instructions, the word count includes the Works Cited section. No more than 10% above the required word count is acceptable. For example, an essay which should be 2,000 words long can come in at 2,200 words without affecting a student’s grade. Students must fill in the boxes for required word count and actual word count on the assessment cover sheet.

Note: the following guidelines are relevant only to assignments which are submitted on time or up to two weeks late; for assignments which are or will be more than two weeks late owing to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control, please read about applying for extenuating circumstances.

***Certain modules are trialling electronic submission only and do not require hard copy submission. Please verify with your module coordinator if your module requires hard copy submission.***


  • All assignments must be submitted in both hard copy and electronic format by the deadline. The School reserves the right to enter NM (No Merit) for the assignment if both are not received.
  • The hard copy should be submitted to the School or Subject office.
  • The electronic copy must be uploaded to Brightspace as a PDF.
  • Always keep a back-up copy of your assignment.

How to submit the hard copy of your assignment

  • All hard copies of assignments must have a signed cover-sheet attached to them (available on Brightspace), and the assignments must then be signed in to the School, as a record that this piece of work has been submitted.
  • On your assessment cover sheet, you must enter the module coordinator’s name. For Level-1 and Level-2 modules, you must also include your tutor’s name. Make sure you know your tutor’s name!

How to submit your assignment electronically

  • You are also required to submit an electronic copy of your assignment by the advertised deadline.
  • Assignments are uploaded through Brightspace; follow the instructions there. Both the hard copy and the electronic copy must be received by the deadline.

Penalties for late submission

  • 1 week late (up to 5 working days after submission):
    • Minus 1 grade point: A+ → A
  • 2 weeks late (up to 10 working days past submission)
    • Minus 2 grades: A+ → A-

Assignments more than two weeks late cannot be graded unless Extenuating Circumstances have been granted. Click here to learn about applying for extenuating circumstances.

Note: late submission is not permitted for take-home examinations (other than in situations of proven mitigating circumstances; you should contact your module coordinator immediately, normally by email, if you find yourself in such a situation).

Applying for an Extension

  • You should apply for an extension beforethe assignment deadline.
  • If granted, an extension is for two weeks or less. Your module coordinator will give you a new deadline.
  • If you need an extension, contact your module coordinator. If you need extensions in more than one class, you’ll need to contact each module coordinator separately.
  • Provide documentation. For example
    • A med cert
    • A notice from
  • If the module coordinator agrees to an extension, s/he will ask you to fill out an Application Form for Late Submission of Assessments, available here.

Attach the completed form to the front of your assignment when you submit it by the agreed new deadline.

All consultations with a module coordinator (as with any application for extension/consideration) will be held in confidence.

Note: these School guidelines are subject to revision in exceptional circumstances.