Study Abroad Opportunities 

Students at UCD English have studied abroad in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, America, and Canada, in addition to many other European cities. The School of English, Drama, and Film has the following places available for direct Erasmus exchange:

FRANCE: Université de Paris – Sorbonne (Paris IV)

GERMANY: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg

ITALY: Università degli studi di Torino

ITALY: Università degli studi di Verona

NETHERLANDS: Universiteit van Amsterdam

PORTUGAL: Universidade de Coimbra

SPAIN: Universitate Autónoma de Barcelona

In addition to these places, students may apply to the International Office for other places in Europe and non-EU exchanges.

Interested students should contact Dr Ashley Taggart.



Information for outgoing UCD Erasmus students, 2019-20

If you are considering going on Erasmus, the first thing to do is to attend one of the Erasmus workshops offered regularly by the International Office, located in the basement of the Restaurant building. These information sessions will give you all the practical information you need about the scheme, and feedback from UCD students who have returned from their Erasmus year and can offer up-to-date advice. A full list of all semester 1 information sessions for BOTH Erasmus and Non-EU exchange can be found here:


Eligibility and requirements:

You must have 50 credits (ECTS) completed before you can go on Erasmus. Usually, students go on Erasmus after completing two years of their BA at UCD. While on Erasmus, you must take and successfully pass 45 credits (ECTS) over the course of the year you are away. Students who successfully complete their Erasmus year will, after the successful completion of their final-year studies, be awarded a B.A. International.


Places available through English:

Students of English can apply for one of a selection of Erasmus places with European universities with whom the School have a direct agreement. These are:


FRANCE:       Université de Paris – Sorbonne (Paris IV)      1 place             9 months

GERMANY:  Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg            2 places           9 months

ITALY:           Università degli studi di Torino                      1 place             9 months

ITALY:           Università degli studi di Verona                      2 places           9 months

NETHERLANDS: Universiteit van Amsterdam                   1 place             9 months

PORTUGAL: Universidade de Coimbra                                1 place             9 months

SPAIN:           Universitate Autónoma de Barcelona             1 place             9 months


How to apply:

To apply, please send an Expression of Interest email with your name, student number, desired university destination(s) and a 100-150-word account of your interest in going on Erasmus, to the School Erasmus coordinators Dr Jane Grogan or  Dr Ashley Taggart by Friday 25th January of the academic year before you wish to travel (i.e. 25 January 2019 for travel during the academic year 2019-20).


If there is competition for places, we will look to student GPAs in semester 1 in order to make offers. Therefore, we  strongly recommend nominating a second or third preference as well, in case you are not offered your first option.

If you are successful, we will inform you during the first ten days of February, from which point you must make contact as soon as possible with the International Office to make the necessary administrative arrangements.


What happens after I am nominated?

We will write in early February to inform you whether you have been nominated for one of our 9 places or not, and which one. We ask you to confirm your acceptance as soon as possible, so that should you choose not to take up that place (e.g. if you have another offer you prefer), it can be offered to somebody else. At that point we nominate you formally to the International Office, and you must then complete the SISWeb application form to which we will direct you. From there on in, all your contacts will be with the International office, though we remain on hand to help advise on the kind of modules you should choose at your host university later in the year. (As a rule of thumb, you should try to register for more than 45 credits, to give yourself a buffer in case one goes wrong, and the majority of your modules should be in your UCD subjects or closely-related subjects, and at level 2 or 3.)


If you are unsuccessful in applying to go on Erasmus through English:

Remember that you also have the option of applying to other Erasmus places, either those open to students of the College of Arts and Humanities (apply through the International office), or through your second subject. You should investigate these options before January. There are also a number of non-EU exchanges available, for example to the US, Australia and Canada; please ask at the International Office about these as these are handled only through the International Office.


Before you go, and practicalities:

You must have your selection of modules at your host university approved by the Erasmus coordinator in the School before you leave, using the form supplied by the International Office


The International office takes care of the practical business of your exchange, and should be your first point of call for questions. They are located in the basement of the Restaurant building, and their website can be found here:


School Erasmus co-ordinators 2018-19:

Dr Jane Grogan (

Dr Ashley Taggart (


Visiting Students at UCD

The School has a longstanding relationship with Study Abroad Students from US programs and various Erasmus and Non-EU Exchanges. We welcome your contribution to academic and student life here in UCD.

Our International students have the the opportunity to study English literature alongside UCD students through a combination of modules at levels 2 and 3.

We hold orientations at the start of each term in which we register students to level 3 modules.  For more information on the study abroad program, please contact the International Office.