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Wednesday, 26 October, 2022

Profile photo of Dr Claire Brophy

Dr Claire Brophy

ERC Fellow, VICTEUR project

Profile photo of Dr Verity Burke

Dr Verity Burke

John Pollard Newman Fellow of Climate Change and the Arts

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Profile photo of Dr. Claudia Dellacasa

Dr. Claudia Dellacasa

IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Intersectional Eco-Polyphony: Cross-Cultural and Cross-Species Dialogues in Contemporary Women's Writing (1960s-2020s)

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Profile photo of Dr Sophie Franklin

Dr Sophie Franklin

MSCA Fellow

Profile photo of Dr Rubén González Vallejo

Dr Rubén González Vallejo

Universidad de Salamanca, Margarita Salas Visiting Fellow

Translation, Terminology and Ecology

Profile photo of Dr Tim Groenland

Dr Tim Groenland

SFI/IRC Pathway Fellow

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Profile photo of Dr Vanessa Iacocca

Dr Vanessa Iacocca

IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Ossianic Medievalisms: Dialogic Nation-Building and a Tradition of Invention in the British Isles, 1760-1921

Profile photo of Dr Iryna Kovalchuk

Dr Iryna Kovalchuk

IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Profile photo of Dr Joshua Hambleton-Jewell

Dr Joshua Hambleton-Jewell

IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

The Semi-Peripheral Novel: Dictatorship and Neoliberalism in South African, Brazilian, and Caribbean Fiction 1973-present

Profile photo of Dr Tapasya Narang

Dr Tapasya Narang

IRC Enterprise Partnership Scheme Postdoctoral Fellow

Radical Poetics: Little Magazines from Dublin and Bombay (1960s to 1980s)

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Profile photo of Dr Helen Newsome-Chandler

Dr Helen Newsome-Chandler

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow

The Queens’ Post: The Form, Function, and Power of Early Tudor Queens' Correspondence

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Profile photo of Dr Katerina Pavlidi

Dr Katerina Pavlidi

Imaginative Literature and Social Trust, 1990-2025

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Profile photo of Dr Matt Prout

Dr Matt Prout

IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Philosophy in Practice: Thinking and Living in Contemporary Autofiction

Profile photo of Dr. Fionnula Simpson

Dr. Fionnula Simpson

Postdoctural Fellow

Drinking Cultures: The Cultural Reception of Medical Developments Related to Alcohol in Ireland 1700-1900

Profile photo of Dr Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz

Dr Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz

IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Profile photo of Dr Jivitesh Vashisht

Dr Jivitesh Vashisht

IRC Postdoctoral Fellow

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