School Contact List

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School of English, Drama and Film- Staff List 2020-21 (Download Pdf)

Dr Emma Bennett
Dr Hannah Boast
Professor John Brannigan - Head of School
Dr Tupur Chattopadhyay
Prof Danielle Clarke
Dr Catriona Clutterbuck
Associate Professor Lucy Collins
Dr Sarah Comyn
Dr Luca Crispi
Professor Nicholas Daly
Professor Ian Davidson
Dr Sharae Deckard
Dr Treasa de Loughry
Associate Professor Fionnuala Dillane
Professor Anne Enright
Dr Katherine Fama
Professor Porscha Fermanis- European Research Council
Professor Anne Fogarty
Dr Darragh Greene
Associate Professor Jane Grogan
Dr Paul Halferty- Head of Drama Studies
Dr Clare Hayes-Brady
Mr Declan Hughes
Professor Eamonn Jordan- Head of Drama Studies
Professor Margaret Kelleher
Associate Professor Adam Kelly
Professor Liam Kennedy- Clinton Centre for American Studies
Associate Professor Jorie Lagerway- Head of Film Studies
Dr Naomi McAreavey
Dr Anthony McIntyre
Associate Professor P.J. Mathews
Mr John Matthews- Educational Technologist
Professor Gerardine Meaney- European Research Council
Dr Julie Morrissy-Newman Fellow
Professor Sarah Moss
Dr Anne Mulhall
Professor Diane Negra- Clinton Centre for American Studies
Dr Cormac O'Brien
Dr Harvey O'Brien (On Research Leave)
Dr Michelle O'Connell
Associate Professor Niamh Pattwell
Associate Professor Paul Perry- Head of Creative Writing
Assistant Professor Nicolas Pillai - Creative Futures Academy 
Professor Emilie Pine
Dr Emma Radley
Dr Martha Shearer
Associate Professor Rebecca Stephenson- Deputy Head of School
Dr Maria Stuart
Dr Ashley Taggart





Stacy Grouden

School Administrator, Drama and Film Studies

Karen Jackman  


School Administrator - English

Pauline Slattery


School Manager

Gosia Wojnicka


School Administrator - Creative Writing 

Gosia Wojnicka

English and Creative Writing Graduate Studies





Dr Ron Callan
Professor Andrew Carpenter
Mr Brian Donnelly 
Mr Tony Fitzmaurice
Professor Alan Fletcher
Dr Cathy Leeney
Professor Frank McGuinness  
Professor J.C.C. Mays
Professor Christopher Murray
Professor Anthony Roche
Professor Mary Clayton +353 1 716 8792
Professor Sinead Cusack    
Professor Richard Dyer    
Professor Patrick Mason    
Professor Conor McPherson    
Professor Colm Toibin    


Synopses of research projects can be found here.

Dr Sophie Corser
Dr Jonathan Creasy
Dr John Gallagher
Dr Sarah Galletly
Dr Suz Garrard
Dr Zosia Kuczynska
Dr Megan Kuster
Dr Conor Linnie
Dr Maria Mulvany
Dr Dolores Resano
Dr Martin Schauss


Mr John Matthews