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Wednesday, 26 October, 2022

Name Email
Dr Emma Bennett emma.bennett@ucd.ie
Dr Hannah Boast hannah.boast@ucd.ie
Professor John Brannigan - Head of School john.brannigan@ucd.ie
Dr Ailise Bulfin ailise.bulfin1@ucd.ie
Dr Tupur Chattopadhyay tupar.chattopadhyay@ucd.ie
Professor Danielle Clarke danielle.clark@ucd.ie
Dr Catriona Clutterbuck catriona.clutterbuck@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Lucy Collins lucy.collins@ucd.ie
Dr Sarah Comyn sarah.comyn@ucd.ie
Dr Jonathan Creasy  jonathan.creasy@ucd.ie
Dr Luca Crispi luca.crispi@ucd.ie
Professor Nicholas Daly nicholas.daly@ucd.ie
Professor Ian Davidson ian.davidson@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Sharae Deckard sharae.deckard@ucd.ie
Dr Treasa de Loughry (On Leave) treasa.deloughry@ucd.ie
Dr. Diretnan Dikwal-bot diretnan.dikwal-bot@ucd.ie
Professor Fionnuala Dillane fionnuala.dillane@ucd.ie
Dr Dara Downey dara.downey@ucd.ie
Professor Anne Enright anne.enright@ucd.ie
Dr Katherine Fama katherine.fama@ucd.ie
Professor Porscha Fermanis porscha.fermanis@ucd.ie
Professor Anne Fogarty anne.fogarty@ucd.ie
Dr Darragh Greene darragh.greene@ucd.ie
Professor Jane Grogan - Deputy Head of School  jane.grogan@ucd.ie
Dr Paul Halferty paul.halferty@ucd.ie
Dr Clare Hayes-Brady clare.hayes-brady@ucd.ie
Mr Declan Hughes declan.hughes@ucd.ie
Professor Eamonn Jordan eamonn.jordan@ucd.ie
Professor Margaret Kelleher (On Leave) margaret.o.kelleher@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Adam Kelly adam.kelly@ucd.ie
Professor Liam Kennedy- Clinton Centre for American Studies liam.kennedy@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Jorie Lagerway- Head of Film Studies jorie.lagerway@ucd.ie
Dr. Éireann Lorsung eireann.lorsung@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Naomi McAreavey naomi.mcareavey@ucd.ie
Dr Paula McGrath paula.mcgrath@ucd.ie
Dr Anthony McIntyre anthony.mcintyre@ucd.ie
Associate Professor P.J. Mathews - Director of Creative Futures Academy  patrick.mathews@ucd.ie
Mr John Matthews - Educational Technologist john.matthews@ucd.ie
Dr Pedzisai Maedza  pedzisai.maedza@ucd.ie 
Professor Gerardine Meaney- European Research Council   gerardine.meaney@ucd.ie
Professor Sarah Moss sarah.moss1@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Anne Mulhall anne.mulhall@ucd.ie
Professor Diane Negra - Clinton Centre for American Studies diane.negra@ucd.ie
Dr Cormac O'Brien cormac.obrien@ucd.ie
Dr Harvey O'Brien - Head of Film Studies harvey.obrien@ucd.ie
Dr Michelle O'Connell  michelle.oconnell@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Niamh Pattwell niamh.patwell@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Paul Perry- Head of Creative Writing paul.perry@ucd.ie
Dr Nicolas Pillai - Creative Futures Academy  nicolas.pillai@ucd.ie 
Professor Emilie Pine emilie.pine@ucd.ie
Dr Emma Radley emma.radley@ucd.ie
Dr Martha Shearer martha.shearer@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Rebecca Stephenson (On Leave) rebecca.stephenson@ucd.ie
Dr Maria Stuart maria.stuart@ucd.ie
Dr Ashley Taggart - Head of Drama Studies ashley.taggart@ucd.ie
Dr Karen Wade karen.wade@ucd.ie
Dr Leanne Waters leanne.waters@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Nerys Williams  nerys.williams@ucd.ie


Name Email
Dr Ron Callan ron.callan@ucd.ie
Professor Andrew Carpenter andrew.carpenter@ucd.ie
Mr Brian Donnelly brian.donnelly@ucd.ie 
Mr Tony Fitzmaurice tony.fitzmaurice@ucd.ie
Professor Alan Fletcher alan.fletcher@ucd.ie
Dr Cathy Leeney cathy.leeney@ucd.ie
Professor Frank McGuinness  
Professor J.C.C. Mays james.mays@ucd.ie
Professor Christopher Murray christopher.murray@ucd.ie
Professor Anthony Roche anthony.roche@ucd.ie

Name Email Phone
Professor Mary Clayton mary.clayton@ucd.ie +353 1 716 8792
Professor Sinead Cusack    
Professor Richard Dyer    
Professor Patrick Mason    
Professor Conor McPherson    
Professor Colm Toibin    


Synopses of research projects can be found here.

Maria Mulvany maria.mulvany@ucd.ie
Dolores Resano dolores.resano@ucd.ie
Chloe Green chloe.green@unimelb.edu.au
James Little (opens in a new window)jamesli@tcd.ie
Dr. Sean O'Brien sean.obrien1@ucd.ie
Dr. Stephanie Papa (opens in a new window)stephanie.papa@ucd.ie
Dr. Claudia Dellacasa (opens in a new window)claudia.dellacasa@ucd.ie
Dr. Rubén González Vallejo (opens in a new window)ruben_862@hotmail.com
Dr Katerina Pavlidi (opens in a new window)katerina.pavlidi@ucd.ie
Dr Iryna Kovalchuk (opens in a new window)i.kovalchuk@knu.ua
Vanessa Iacocca (opens in a new window)vanessa.iacocca@ucd.ie
Dr Jivitesh Vashesht (opens in a new window)jivitesh.vashisht@ucd.ie
Temmuz Süreyya Gürbüz temmuz.gurbuz@ucd.ie
Dr Claire Brophy (opens in a new window)Claire.Brophy@ucd.ie
Dr. Helen Newsome (opens in a new window)helen.newsome@ucd.ie

Name Email
Mr John Matthews john.matthews@ucd.ie