10am - 7pm, 27th March 2023: Humanities Institute, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin

10am - 6.30pm, 28th March 2023: Boston College Dublin, 43 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin

10am - 8pm, 29th March 2023: Royal Irish Academy, Dawson St., Dublin

Delving into all aspects and orientations at work in the writings of Jean-Luc Marion, this international conference proposes to question the intricate and complex relations between the events of “givenness” and “revelation” in the history of philosophy and theology. Our task, indeed, is to deploy and develop an access to the meaning of the givenness of revelation and the revelation of givenness for philosophical and theological discourses as well as uncover the hermeneutic possibilities inherent within this meaning for our human existence. In this sense, we shall examine the historical developments of these two tropes, “givenness” and “revelation”, and, furthermore, ascertain from which place they confront, awaken and orient human thinking and action. What is the gift? What is revelation? Are gift and revelation reducible to the meaning of being? And furthermore, which other signification(s) remain at work within “givenness” and “revelation”? To which other orientation(s) could “givenness” and “revelation” head human existence?

Through a thoughtful re-reading of the history of philosophy as well as an active commitment in the phenomenological tradition, Jean-Luc Marion has incessantly brought the dynamic of these questions, their suppositions and their consequences, to the forefront of  contemporary philosophy and theology. This international conference will bring together at University College Dublin (Ireland) philosophers to discuss all aspects of Jean-Luc Marion’s philosophical writing whilst engaging with our author a sustained hermeneutical as well as critical dialogue.

Jean-Luc Marion (born 3 July 1946) is a French philosopher and Roman Catholic theologian. Marion is a former student of Derrida whose work is informed by patristic and mystical theology, phenomenology and modern philosophy. Much of his academic work has dealt with Descartes and phenomenologists like Heidegger and Husserl, but also religion. God Without Being, for example, is concerned predominantly with an analysis of idolatry, a theme strongly linked in Marion's work with love and the gift, which is a concept also explored at length by Derrida.

The conference is open to all. Please email joseph.cohen@ucd.ie for the full programme and any enquiries about the event.



Jean-Luc Marion (Gadamer Visiting Professor of Philosophy, Boston College) Which Metaphysics are we Getting Away From?

Patrick Masterson (UCD and European University Florence) OPENING WORDS

Lilian Alweiss (Trinity College Dublin) The Phenomenology of the Invisible

Dan Arbib (ENS Paris) Jewish Revelation, Christian Revelation

Olivier Boulnois (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes Paris) The Gift of Freedom

Dragos Calma (UCD) The Flowing Being: A Forgotten Metaphysics of Gift

Carla Canullo (Universita de Macerata – IAS - Collegium de Lyon, Universités de Lyon) Broadening the Phenomenality. Rethinking Manifestation and Revelation with Jean-Luc Marion

Joseph Cohen (UCD) Doing Justice in the Name of Revelation

Ryan Coyne (University of Chicago) Redoubling Metaphysics

Natalie Depraz (Université de Rouen) Jean-Luc Marion: Surprise and Revelation

Alexandre Derot (Université de Paris IV Sorbonne) TBD

Nathan Devers (Université de Bordeaux) “I Will Be Who I Will Be”. Temporality of Revelation

Nicolas de Warren (Penn State University) Love Must Be Forgiven for the Forgiveness that Love Is

Alberto De Vita (Università San Rafaelle Milano) TBC

Max Keith Feenan (UCD) One in Three: Marion, Schelling and the Modern Re-Appropriation of Revelatio

Christina M. Gschwandtner (Fordham University) Confronting the Dazzling Abandon of Saturation: Distinguishing between revelation and Revelation in Jean-Luc Marion’s Phenomenology of Givenness

Richard Kearney (Boston College) ZOOM: Revelation and Panentheism

Dermot Moran (Boston College) ZOOM: Marion in the Tradition of Negative Theology

François Raffoul (Louisiana State University) ZOOM: Jean-Luc Marion's Thinking of the Event

Stephanie Rumpza (Boston College) The Transposition of Idols: From the Elsewhere to the Everyday

Claudia Serban (Université de Toulouse) Scheler and Héring on Givenness and Revelation

Emilie Tardivel (Institut Catholique de Paris) World and Revelation. A Phenomenological Reading of Romans 1:20

Anca Vasiliu (Université de Paris IV Sorbonne) La dialectique donation-révélation en régime ancien