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Posted: 24 January 2008

UCD introduces car sharing initiative

UCD employees who have the same commuting route can now engage in car sharing. This new initiative, introduced by UCD Buildings and Services, is part of the Dublin Transportation Office’s ‘One Small Step’ public information programme aimed at reducing the number of cars on the road, decreasing congestion and cutting commuting journey times.

“As Ireland’s leading university, UCD must do its utmost to directly assist in the improvement of Ireland’s environment,” said Professor Peter Clinch, Professor of Regional and Urban Planning at UCD, who launched the carsharing initiative on Monday 21 January 2008. “This car-sharing initiative is just one contribution being made by UCD towards improving our environmental performance.”

Pictured at the launch of the UCD carsharing
Pictured at the launch of the UCD carsharing initiative (l-r):
Professor Peter Clinch, Professor of Regional and Urban Planning at UCD;
John Henry, Head of Dublin Transportation Office; and John Free, Transport and Commuting Manager, UCD Buildings and Services.

Carsharing is when someone shares their privately owned car with one or more people for a journey. The car is normally shared by people who go from their home to work along the same route at similar times of the day. It is about sharing the burden of regular driving, cutting the costs of your daily commute and contributing to improving the environment.

In support of the carsharing initiative, UCD Buildings and Services have created a new website - – in conjunction with the Dublin Transportation Office, which will help UCD staff to identify potential carsharing partners and enable them to arrange a car share set-up that suits their needs. The website is encrypted to ensure that it can only be used by UCD employees.

Although carsharing will not single-handedly solve Dublin’s traffic problems, it has the potential to play a strong role in the mix of more sustainable and efficient transport modes.

With fuel prices increasing, carsharing will save money for those that take part in the initiative. It will help to reduce the wear and tear on vehicles, leading to fewer repair costs. And it will also assist with reducing C02 emissions resulting in cleaner air and a cleaner environment.

“The University has established a Commuting Advisory Group to advise on all aspects of improving the service the university provides to all those travelling to the campus,” said Professor Clinch. “Currently, there are plans in development to improve bicycle access to and from the campus and increase the provision of improved cycle facilities across the campus and much-enhanced pedestrian walkways and bus services around the campus.”

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