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Monday - Friday until Wednesay 02 July 2008

Organiser: UCD / Green on Red Gallery
Lcoation: Newman House, 85-86 St Stephen's Green
Time: 11 am - 2 pm


There were dreams that were called modernity. Today, we are inheritors of the architectures of these dreams, but what of the dreams themselves? As part of the Ábhar agus Meon exhibition series, artists from the Green On Red Gallery have been invited to interrogate and intervene in the spaces of Newman House, 85-86 St Stephen's Green to explore the residual presences and absences of the high-modern space, to give voice to and subvert the dreams for a modernity that never was.

Curated by Ian Russell in collaboration with Jerome O Drisceoil, Director of the Green On Red Gallery, Chronoscope features new works by Alice Maher, Bea McMahon, Dennis McNulty, Niamh O’Malley, Paul Mosse and Nigel Rolfe.
Originally constructed in 1738, Newman House was the original location of University College Dublin, and notable figures such as James Joyce attended lectures in the buildings. Today, the buildings house a rich collection of artistic and superb architectural heritage.

The exhibition is open to the public from 11am-2pm, Monday-Friday, until 02 July 2008. Outside of these hours, the installations can be viewed on guided tours of the architecture and heritage of Newman House which can be arranged by contacting the Curator of the House, Ruth Ferguson – email: ruth.ferguson(at)


Ábhar agus Meon is an international contemporary art exhibition series exploring relationships between the themes and practices of art and archaeology. It occurs as part of Ireland’s hosting of the Sixth World Archaeological Congress in June/July 2008 at University College Dublin.

Continuing the collaborative exhibition of contemporary art and archaeology established by the Rosc exhibitions in Ireland in the 1960s and 70s, Ábhar agus Meon turns towards the rich etymologies of the Irish language to present the challenge of negotiating, mediating and translating the relationships entwining humans and things. ‘Ábhar’ carries meanings of not only materials and matters but also subjects and themes, while ‘meon’ hints at mentality, ethos, spirit and temperament. Rather than merely asserting polarisations of mind and body, the theme Ábhar agus Meon suggests a multiplicity of intra-relationships between mutually indistinguishable conceptions of things and thoughts.

Ábhar agus Meon will occur in spaces throughout Dublin with a special focus at University College Dublin and the Sixth World Archaeological Congress. Local and international contemporary artists will offer new and old work in exhibitions, installations and performances on UCD’s campus, in Newman House on St Stephen’s Green and at the Irish Museum of Modern Art.

Through their work, Ábhar agus Meon will explore the materials which constitute things, the tempering of materials through artistic and archaeological processes, the shared subjects of artistic and archaeological inquiry, the collaborative spirit of artistic and archaeological endeavours, the ethos of artistic and archaeological mediations, and the mentalities represented, constructed and subverted through artistic and archaeological expression.

All events and exhibitions have been curated and directed by Ian Russell in collaboration with Niall Bergin, Supervisor, Kilmainham Gaol, Gabriel Cooney, Professor, School of Archaeology, UCD, Ruth Ferguson, Curator, Newman House, UCD, Christina Kennedy, Senior Curator, Irish Museum of Modern Art and Jerome O Drisceoil, Director, Green On Red Gallery.

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