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Posted 19 January 2009

Recently discovered dinosaur bone from Sahara to be analysed at UCD

Ad Astra scholar, Nizar Ibrahim is a PhD student at University College Dublin.  On a recent expedition to the Sahara desert in Morocco, Nizar discovered and excavated a metre-long femur bone from a plant-eating dinosaur dating back circa 100 million. 

The bone has now arrived at UCD and will be analysed in order to determine whether it is a new species of Sauropod dinosaur. 

In order to transport the bone down the mountain and across rough terrain, it was encased in protective plaster.  Once the protective casing is removed, Nizar Ibrahim will begin to investigate the origin and dates of the colossal dinosaur bone. His work will form part of his PhD thesis.

The university hopes to place the bone on public display before it returns to a permanent home in Morocco.

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