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Posted 20 July 2009

UCD students on internships in US President Obama’s administration

Four UCD students have been selected for internships in the Obama administration as part of the 2009 Washington Ireland Program (WIP). The program enables promising individuals to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and the workings of the US administration in order to bring their experiences back to Ireland to further contribute to their home communities.

Pictured far right: On the steps of Capitol Hill, Washington DC (l-r): Le-Ann Campbell; Emily Savage; Edwina Hanbidge; and Tess Brady.

Le-Ann Campbell who studies Law at University College Dublin

An undergraduate student at the UCD School of Law, Le-Ann has keen interest in human rights issues. She was originally admitted to UCD on a scholarship for academic excellence. Le-Ann has actively pursued her interest in human rights through an involvement with SUAS and Concern; whilst also working on the issue a little closer to home, within her local community in Tyrone. Le-Ann has won several awards for Irish Dancing and cross-country running. Le-Ann will be enhancing her interests in human rights at her internship with the Child Welfare League of America. The Child Welfare League is America’s oldest and largest membership-based child welfare organisation and has been championing children’s rights since 1920.


Emily Savage who studies Commercial Law at University College Dublin

Emily Savage is currently studying for a Masters in Commercial Law (LLM) at University College Dublin. She is a member of Amnesty International, the DSPCA and was a drugs peer educator whilst in school. In recent years, she has travelled to Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Emily will be interning for The Justice Project; a non-partisan organisation dedicated to fighting injustice and creating a more humane and just world. The founders of The Justice Project are veterans of war who have risked their lives fighting injustice. Their military experiences left them with an understanding of human suffering and a desire to leave a legacy of fairness for future generations.


Edwina Hanbidge who studies Politics, Economics & Philosophy at University College Dublin
Edwina Hanbidge has just completed her first year at UCD studying Politics, Economics and Philosophy. She has a keen interest in music especially choral singing and was a member of the 2008 Irish Youth Choir. Edwina was recently nominated as President of UCD Christian Union and was a member of an Irish delegation assisting with summer camps in Romania over the past two summers. She is also active in her local community, volunteering with charitable organizations such as Streetreach. Edwina will be interning for the junior democratic Senator from Iowa, Tom Harkin. Senator Harkin has been a member of the United States Senate since 1985 and ran for President in 1992.


Tess Brady who studies History, English & Economics at University College Dublin
Tess Brady has just completed first year Arts at University College Dublin. She came to UCD as an entrance scholar, based upon her outstanding Leaving Certificate results, and plans to major in English for her degree having studied History, English & Economics in her first year.

She has been involved in the Supported Socialization Project, which provides people suffering from a long term mental illness with a social network outside of the mental health services. Tess will be interning for Congressman Donald Payne who is an American Democratic Party politician from New Jersey. Congressman Payne is the first African American to represent New Jersey in Congress.


Washington-Ireland Programme
The Washington Ireland Program for Service and Leadership (WIP) is a unique US-Ireland charity that is helping to prepare the next generation of leaders for Northern Ireland and Ireland. WIP inspires students from Ireland to lead through service at home and expands their skills by placing them in Washington DC's most prestigious internships. In total, 32 students from the island of Ireland take part in the Washington Ireland Program every year.

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