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Posted 17 November 2009

Economics at UCD in excellence group in European rankings

UCD economics has been awarded ’excellence group’ status in the 2009 CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development) Excellence Rankings. The result is due to outstanding achievements in citations and the Erasmus-Mundus master's programmes. The CHE - Excellence Ranking compares the best European university research facilities for prospective masters and doctoral programme students.

The awards are based on five indicators with either a research orientation (number of publications - including highly cited books and citations in relation to the international standard) or an international dimension (Erasmus-Mundus master's programmes, student mobility and staff mobility).

“The inclusion of the UCD School of Economics in the 2009 CHE Excellence Rankings is a tribute to the depth and breadth of economics scholarship at UCD. It also reflects our commitment to providing high quality graduate and undergraduate education,” said Professor David Madden, Head of the UCD School of Economics.

In 2007, the CHE Ranking covered Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. In 2009, it was extended to include Political Science, Economics and Psychology.

Three Irish universities achieved Excellence Group status in the 2009 CHE Excellence Rankings – two in economics and one in political science.

The CHE Rankings are published in the German Weekly Newspaper, Die Zeit and are available at

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Economics at UCD awarded excellence group status in CHE rankings - Image of Lake